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Guide on How to Watch Live Streaming of NHL Draft 2023 and Keep Up with NHL Draft Picks

NHL Draft 2023 held in two parts, viewers can watch live.

The highly anticipated NHL Draft 2023 is currently underway, and viewers in the US are in for a treat as they can watch the event live. After an exciting 2022-23 season that saw the Vegas Golden Knights clinch the Stanley Cup, all eyes are now on the NHL Draft 2023.

This year's draft is being held in two parts. The first round took place on Wednesday, June 28, and the second round is scheduled for June 29 at 11 am (ET). Fans can catch the action on various platforms depending on the round.

For the first round, the NHL Draft 2023 was televised on ESPN and ESPN+. However, for the second round, the NHL Network is the go-to channel for viewers in the US. This information comes from reliable reports, ensuring that fans don't miss out on any of the draft excitement.

To watch the NHL Draft 2023 live, viewers in the US can tune in to Fubo, a popular streaming platform. Fubo provides a seamless live streaming experience, allowing fans to enjoy every moment of the draft from the comfort of their own homes.

One of the highlights of this year's draft was the Chicago Blackhawks selecting Connor Bedard with the first overall pick. The 17-year-old Canadian center is known for his exceptional passing skills and deadly wrist shot. The Blackhawks have high hopes that Bedard's talent will contribute to their quest for another Stanley Cup, following three consecutive losing seasons.

The draft is always filled with intrigue, and one of the most exciting aspects is determining which players will round out the top five selections. Additionally, there is speculation surrounding Matvei Michkov, who is currently under contract to play in his native Russia until the 2025-26 season. It remains to be seen when a team will take a chance on him.

For those seeking quick answers to common questions about the NHL Draft 2023, here are a couple of FAQs:

Q1. When is NHL Draft 2023?
A1. The first round of the NHL Draft 2023 took place on Wednesday, June 28. The second round is scheduled for June 29 at 11 am (ET).

Q2. Where can I watch NHL Draft 2023 live?
A2. Viewers in the US can enjoy the live streaming of NHL Draft 2023 on Fubo. The first round was televised on ESPN and ESPN+, while the second round is being aired on the NHL Network, according to reports.

With the NHL Draft 2023 in full swing, hockey fans across the US have plenty to look forward to. The combination of live streaming options and the anticipation surrounding top picks and potential surprises makes this event a must-watch for any hockey enthusiast. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the excitement of the NHL Draft 2023.

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