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KION546: San Jose Crane Company Honors Vietnam Vet on 4th of July with 1,800 Square Foot American Flag

South Bay construction crane company raises massive American flag for holidays.

In San Jose, California, a construction crane company called West Coast Cranes has upheld a meaningful tradition for almost twenty years. During patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July, Veterans' Day, and Memorial Day, they proudly raise a massive American flag that towers hundreds of feet above their business.

Lowell Tucker, the owner of West Coast Cranes, explains the significance behind their flag-raising tradition. He states that on the Fourth of July, it symbolizes America, on Veterans' Day, it honors the veterans, and on Memorial Day, it pays tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The newest flag they raised, just before the Fourth of July, stands at an impressive 30 feet high and 60 feet wide. While this grand gesture is aimed at a wide audience, it holds a special meaning for Lowell.

Lowell reveals that his father served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, which fills him with immense pride. When the flag is flying high, Lowell takes a moment to capture a video and call his father to share the experience. This personal connection adds an extra layer of significance to the tradition.

Moreover, Lowell hopes that over time, the country's appreciation for Vietnam-era veterans and their sacrifices has deepened. He acknowledges that many Vietnam vets did not receive the respect they deserved upon their return. For his father, serving in Vietnam was not a political decision; he simply felt a duty to serve his country at the time.

The flag-raising tradition dates back 18 years to the establishment of Lowell's business, which was initially located in Santa Cruz County. Throughout the years, both the business and the flag have grown, but the sight of the flag fluttering in the wind continues to evoke powerful emotions.

According to Lowell, every time they raise the flag, a sense of awe fills the air. The majestic sight of the stars and stripes waving proudly in the wind is a reminder of the values and ideals that America stands for.

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