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Decoding Taylor Swift's Easter Eggs in 'I Can See You' Music Video

Taylor Swift releases music video for "I Can See You" featuring Easter eggs and references to her career.

Taylor Swift took to Instagram to express her excitement about the release of her latest music video for "I Can See You." In her post, she mentioned that she had written the treatment for the video over a year ago and wanted to symbolically represent the support she has received from her fans in reclaiming her music. She also gave a shout-out to the cast members, Joey King, Presley Cash, and Taylor Lautner, for their incredible performances in the video.

"I Can See You" is one of the vault tracks from Swift's re-recorded album, Speak Now. The video features King, Lautner, and Cash helping Swift escape from a bank vault, with numerous Easter eggs scattered throughout.

The video begins with a timestamp of "July 9th 1:58 a.m.," which directly references Swift's song "Last Kiss" from the original Speak Now album. Swift also added "Last Kiss" to her surprise setlist during her Eras Tour show in Kansas City, further emphasizing the significance of the date.

In front of the vault, there is a museum showcasing Swift's iconic outfits from her OG Speak Now era, including the purple tour dress and the golden Grammys ensemble. The outfits are locked in glass cages, reminiscent of the lyrics in Swift's song "It's Time to Go." King, who appeared in the original music video for "Mean," wistfully gazes at the same dress she wore in the video.

Throughout the video, Swift is seen locked inside the vault, wearing her golden Speak Now tour dress and adorned with a "13" on her hand and the lyrics to "Long Live" on her arm. These symbols hold personal significance for Swift, as she would paint them on her body before each show during her 2010 tour.

Lautner, who famously dated Swift in 2009, makes an appearance in the video to help King rescue Swift from the vault. In one scene, he showcases his sword-fighting skills, referencing his Saturday Night Live monologue where he expressed his desire to fight Kanye West after the VMAs incident. Swift also includes a reference to her song "Back to December," written about her split from Lautner, by featuring a blue gown similar to the one she wore during her 2010 tour.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed 1,468 tally marks inside the vault, which corresponds to the number of days between the sale of Swift's masters and the release of Speak Now (Taylor's Version).

The scenes of King and Lautner fighting in the museum reminded fans of Swift's "Bad Blood" music video from her album 1989. Additionally, the appearance of a silver briefcase sparked speculation among fans, as it resembled a similar briefcase in the "Bad Blood" video.

At the end of the video, King, Lautner, and Cash escape in a van, which fans dubbed the "getaway car." This led fans to speculate that Swift may be hinting at the release of her version of the album Reputation, as she has a song titled "Getaway Car" on that album.

As the getaway car speeds away, it passes a bridge with a sign that reads "1'-9" 8.9tv," which fans interpreted as a reference to 1989 (Taylor's Version).

Another reference to Swift's 1989 era is seen when King navigates through a purple laser maze inside the bank, reminiscent of Swift's performance at the iHeartRadio awards show in 2014.

Overall, the "I Can See You" music video is packed with symbolism and references to Swift's iconic career. It not only pays homage to her past but also hints at what may be in store for her future releases. Swift continues to captivate her fans with her storytelling and attention to detail, making her one of the most beloved artists of our time.

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