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Sam Ryder Gives Classy Interview, Teaches Cara Delevingne the Art of Grid Walking

Singer Sam Ryder shows his Formula One knowledge in grid interview.

Singer Sam Ryder, known for his love of Formula One, had an engaging grid interview with Sky Sports F1 pundit Martin Brundle over the weekend. Brundle, who was denied an interview with model Cara Delevingne, was thrilled to be in the company of Ryder. The 'Spaceman' singer, who famously sang the national anthem at last year's British Grand Prix, warmly greeted Brundle with a hug. This time, the honor of singing the anthem went to actor Damian Lewis. Upon spotting Brundle on the F1 grid, Ryder expressed his excitement and predicted a strong start for McLaren. He also revealed his support for the team and praised their car development. Brundle playfully responded by suggesting that Ryder could take his job if he wanted to.

Brundle's attempts to secure an interview with Delevingne were unsuccessful, as she was advised by an F1 representative to decline the request. Brundle believed that celebrities present on the F1 grid should accept interviews, but Delevingne chose not to. However, Brundle did manage to successfully interview Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola and former One Direction singer Liam Payne.

At Silverstone, McLaren had a successful performance, with a second and fourth-place finish. British driver Lando Norris finished just behind World Champion Max Verstappen, while McLaren teammate Oscar Piastri secured fourth place. Norris, the home favorite, led the race early on and managed to hold off a late challenge from seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton to secure second place. Norris expressed his joy at being in that position and his desire to create his own history in the sport.

The F1 season now moves on to the Hungarian Grand Prix, where Verstappen will aim to move closer to his third World Championship title. McLaren will also look to continue their positive momentum from Silverstone. Fans can also look forward to Brundle's entertaining grid walks at the upcoming race.

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