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Jonah Hill's Former Partner Reveals Reasons for Delay in Sharing His 'Abusive' Texts, Coinciding with Arrival of His New Fiancé's Baby

Jonah Hill's ex-girlfriend exposes alleged emotional abuse through text messages.

In case you missed it, there has been a recent revelation from actor Jonah Hill's ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brady. She shared a series of text messages between the two of them that date back to 2021. Brady's intention was to expose Hill's alleged history of emotional abuse towards her.

This revelation has sparked a massive online debate about the distinction between setting boundaries and manipulating a partner. Brady shared a screenshot of a text message from Hill that outlined several things that would make them incompatible if she were to engage in them. These included activities like surfing with other men and engaging in "inappropriate" interactions with them, posting pictures that Hill did not approve of, and even rules about the type of women she could have relationships with.

Initially, Brady's bombshell backfired, as many came out in support of Hill. They believed that he was well within his rights to establish his boundaries and communicate what he would and would not tolerate in a relationship. They argued that it was healthy and realistic for him to seek clarity on compatibility with Brady.

However, as people delved deeper into the list, they began to question whether Hill was trying to change Brady's identity. They took issue with the idea that he was attempting to suppress the aspects of her that initially attracted him to her, such as her identity as a professional surfer.

A TikTok video by "TherapistJeff" accused Hill of using "therapy speak" to control his girlfriend's behavior. According to Jeff, Hill was using the concept of boundaries as a way to mask his controlling tendencies.

The release of the text messages led many to question Brady's motives. They wondered why she waited until now to share them with the public. Some speculated that she may be bitter and vindictive about the end of their relationship, as well as Hill's quick rebound and the birth of his child with his new partner.

In response to these questions, Brady explained her decision to "expose" Hill. She posted an audio clip on her Instagram story, stating that there was no turning back at this point. She clarified that her intention was not to slander her ex-boyfriend's reputation but rather to share their own words.

Brady revealed that she chose to wait until after Hill's fiancée had given birth before sharing her story of emotional abuse. She wanted Olivia Millar, the mother of Hill's child, to see the screenshots and be protected from reliving her own experiences with the actor. Brady expressed concern that seeing this while pregnant could negatively impact Millar and her unborn child.

Despite criticism for sharing private messages right after Hill became a new father, Brady emphasized that her considerations were solely for the well-being of Hill's fiancée and not necessarily for Hill himself. She acknowledged that the new parents would not suffer any physical harm from her revelations but wanted Millar to be fully aware of what she was dealing with in Hill and make an informed decision about their future.

In conclusion, Sarah Brady's decision to share the text messages between her and Jonah Hill has sparked a significant debate about boundaries and manipulation in relationships. While some initially supported Hill's right to establish his boundaries, others questioned whether he was attempting to change Brady's identity. Brady's motives were also scrutinized, but she maintained that her intention was to protect Hill's new partner from reliving similar experiences. The ultimate goal was to ensure that Millar could make an informed decision about her future with Hill.

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