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Ahsoka's Inquisitor Receives Official Name - Do All Star Wars Theories Stand Nullified?

The new Inquisitor in Ahsoka has been named "Marrok," potentially debunking popular Star Wars theories about their identity.

The identity of the Inquisitor in Ahsoka has finally been revealed, and it has the potential to completely shatter all the Star Wars theories surrounding this mysterious character. Throughout the marketing for Ahsoka, this Inquisitor has been featured prominently, engaging in multiple intense battles with the titular character in the trailers. This is quite intriguing considering that the Inquisitorius was disbanded and Darth Vader is no longer alive. As a result, numerous theories have emerged speculating who could be behind the mask, with popular candidates including Barriss Offee, Ezra Bridger, and even Starkiller. However, it seems that the truth may be far from what fans have expected.

The revelation of the Inquisitor's name comes from a keen-eyed Reddit user, u/champdo, who noticed the Disney captions for stills from the new Ahsoka trailer. According to these captions, the Inquisitor is referred to as Marrok. Stunt double Paul Barnell is listed as the performer, although it is possible that a different actor will portray the character during unmasked sequences. Given the enigmatic nature of the Inquisitor, it is plausible that Marrok is simply a placeholder name, with the true identity of the character set to be unveiled when Ahsoka premieres.

Interestingly, this is not the first time the name Marrok has appeared in the Star Wars universe. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the bounty hunter Embo had a loyal Anooba companion named Marrok. However, this particular Marrok perished before the Battle of Jakku in 5 ABY. It is highly unlikely that the Inquisitor is a wolf, making any connection to the previous Marrok impossible. Nevertheless, considering showrunner Dave Filoni's fondness for wolves, it is possible that Marrok serves as a nod to his work on The Clone Wars and a way to reference his favorite creature.

It is more probable that Marrok is simply a temporary name, although this is somewhat unusual. Star Wars has been known to employ deceptive marketing tactics, often keeping the true identity of characters under wraps to create intrigue and suspense. While the popular theory of Barriss Offee being the Inquisitor may now be in jeopardy, Marrok could still turn out to be anyone in Ahsoka. The anticipation for the premiere of Ahsoka continues to grow as fans eagerly await the revelation of the Inquisitor's true identity.

Source: Disney (via Reddit)

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