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Andre Drummond's cautionary tale vital for young basketball players

Andre Drummond shares personal story about attitude and being a teammate.

In the current landscape of sports media, it is a rarity to find active players who are completely honest and genuine. Even when they do speak the truth, there is often a sense that they are holding back. However, Andre Drummond recently broke this mold by speaking candidly to a group of young basketball players. He discussed the game of basketball and stressed the importance of being a good teammate and not making everything about oneself. In a moment of vulnerability, Drummond admitted that he used to be the player on the sidelines, sulking when things didn't go his way.

Drummond's words hold immense value and should be heard by young basketball players all across the country, starting from the age of 12 and up. He is imparting wisdom upon these kids, teaching them that it is not always about individual success, and that being happy for your teammates is crucial. Having a negative attitude on the sidelines when the coach takes you out does nothing to benefit the team. This is the message Drummond is trying to convey to these young athletes.

Even if these kids never make it to the NBA, the wisdom Drummond shares will serve them well throughout their lives if they choose to listen. It was not long ago that Drummond was one of the most sought-after big men in the game, but now his name is rarely mentioned in NBA news. This message from Drummond might also resonate with a couple of young players who have recently been associated with the Golden State Warriors. One was traded away, and the other reportedly wants out.

Of course, there will always be individuals who resist conformity and choose not to listen when experienced players warn them about the potential consequences of their actions. This message is truly meant for those who refuse to do what is right and instead learn the hard way. Drummond openly shares his own experiences and acknowledges that he could have handled things differently.

Despite his past success as a four-time rebound champion and two-time All-Star, Drummond now finds himself playing for the Chicago Bulls on a league-minimum contract. He is still in the NBA and earning a salary, but after reaching the $100 million mark, anything less feels like a step backwards.

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