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English soccer player undergoes six-week rehab for sleeping-pill addiction

English soccer player Dele Alli reveals mental health struggles and addiction to sleeping pills.

In a recent interview with former England defender Gary Neville, Dele Alli, a prominent English soccer player, revealed that he spent six weeks in rehab in the United States to address mental health issues stemming from a traumatic childhood and an addiction to sleeping pills. Alli, who was once considered one of the brightest talents in English soccer, experienced a decline in his career in recent years. He opened up about his struggles, including his reliance on sleeping pills as a means to escape reality.

Alli admitted that he had been unknowingly using various methods, such as drinking and taking sleeping pills, to numb his emotions for a long time. He acknowledged that while many people engage in these behaviors, it becomes problematic when they are used as a way to chase or hide from something. Alli believes that addiction to sleeping pills is a prevalent issue in football, more widespread than people realize.

The 27-year-old player, currently under contract with Premier League team Everton, made the decision to seek help after being informed that he needed surgery following his loan spell at Turkish club Besiktas. Alli checked into a rehab facility that specializes in addiction, mental health, and trauma. He completed his rehab three weeks ago.

Alli described being caught in a harmful cycle and relying on things that were detrimental to his well-being. Despite appearing happy and putting on a brave face, he felt like he was losing the internal battle. He recognized the need for change and acknowledged that rehab was a crucial step in his journey. Initially, Alli had reservations due to the stigma surrounding rehab, but he was pleasantly surprised by the positive impact it had on his mental health. He found it immensely helpful and gained a deeper understanding of himself, particularly regarding past traumatic experiences that he struggled to comprehend.

Alli had a successful period at Tottenham under the guidance of Mauricio Pochettino, who genuinely cared about him as a person. However, his relationship with other managers, including Jose Mourinho, was not as positive. At the age of 24, when Mourinho was Tottenham's manager, Alli found himself in a dark place, even contemplating retirement.

Despite his challenging journey, Alli expressed optimism for the future. He has one year left on his contract with Everton and is determined to have a successful season. Mentally, he believes he is in the best place he has ever been.

Alli's bravery in speaking out about his difficulties and seeking help has been met with support and admiration. England captain Harry Kane, who was once Alli's teammate at Tottenham, tweeted his pride in Alli for sharing his experience to help others. Everton also commended Alli's courage and expressed respect for his decision to address his challenges and seek the necessary help.

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