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Officials issue advisory due to presence of great white sharks near California beach

Southern California authorities warn beachgoers after three juvenile great white sharks spotted.

Surfers at San Onofre Beach in California had a thrilling yet nerve-wracking experience when they found themselves surrounded by great white sharks. The incident prompted authorities to issue a warning to beachgoers after three juvenile great whites were spotted in the area. The sharks, measuring six, eight, and nine feet in length, were seen feeding on a sea lion carcass about 100 yards from shore. Although the sharks did not display any aggressive behavior towards humans, lifeguards advised caution and posted signs along the beach to alert visitors of the sighting.

Photographer Kevin Christopherson also captured footage of multiple sharks swimming near San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County. Despite the presence of these apex predators, surfers were undeterred and continued to catch waves. This sighting followed another incident at a beach in Carlsbad, where a shark measuring eight to ten feet was spotted swimming about 250 to 300 yards from the shore. Again, the shark did not interact with humans, highlighting the rarity of such encounters along the Southern California coast.

California State Parks emphasized that sharks are an integral part of the coastal ecosystem and that interactions between humans and sharks are uncommon. While summer is considered shark season in Southern California, the risk of a shark attack remains minimal. The great white shark is the only species in the region that poses a significant danger to humans, and there have only been 99 unprovoked shark attacks resulting in nine fatalities in California's history. Adult white sharks primarily feed on seals and sea lions, with attacks on humans typically occurring in water around ten to thirty feet deep near the shore.

It is worth noting that white sharks have been protected in California waters since January 1994. Most shark incidents are a result of the shark momentarily mistaking a human for another animal or investigating its surroundings out of curiosity. Despite the occasional presence of these magnificent creatures, the chances of a shark attack in California waters remain extremely low.

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