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Accused murderer Rex Heuermann involved in multiple car accidents in Gilgo Beach

Accused Gilgo Beach killer files multiple lawsuits claiming car accident injuries.

Accused Gilgo Beach killer Rex Heuermann has a history of being involved in legal battles, with four separate lawsuits claiming serious injuries from car accidents over a span of nine years. These claims have raised eyebrows, especially considering the discovery of the bodies of Heuermann's alleged victims three years ago at Gilgo Beach.

One incident involved Heuermann alleging that a cabbie ran over his left foot in Midtown, causing him serious harm. This was followed by three more car accidents in which he claimed to have been injured. Interestingly, no additional victims at Gilgo Beach have been found during this time.

In one case, Heuermann accused Queens cabbie Gurwinder Singh of injuring him on October 31, 2013. He filed a $5 million lawsuit against Singh, as well as the city and the Taxi & Limousine Commission, ten months later. The details of the settlement remain unknown.

Another incident occurred in February 2016, when Heuermann claimed to have been struck by Cynthia Darlene Martin while driving along the Capital Beltway in Prince George County, Md. He filed a $5 million lawsuit, but Martin denies any involvement in the case, and it appears to have been dropped.

In January 2017, Heuermann claimed to have been seriously injured by his neighbor Barbara O'Sullivan while walking home from the Massapequa Park train station on a rainy night. He sought $5 million in damages, but O'Sullivan stated that Heuermann walked in front of her car without paying attention. The case was settled, with the insurance company paying Heuermann $55,000.

Most recently, in February 2022, Heuermann alleged that a Long Island couple, Lindsay and CD Fenimore, crashed into his Chevrolet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, causing him severe injuries. The case is still ongoing.

It is worth noting that the lawyer who represented Heuermann in these lawsuits has not provided any comment on the matter. The circumstances surrounding these incidents raise questions about the validity of Heuermann's claims and his involvement in the Gilgo Beach case.

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