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Intel introduces new driver optimized for Jagged Alliance 3 and Exoprimal in Arc

Intel's XeSS upgrade technology impresses in Jagged Alliance 3 benchmarks.

Intel's XeSS upgrade technology has made a strong impression on the new Jagged Alliance 3 game, as well as the Arc graphics cards themselves. Intel has released a new beta driver that aims to enhance the performance of its GPUs and provide optimizations for Capcom's Dinosaurs-Shooter exoprimal.

In the first benchmarks for Jagged Alliance 3 conducted by editors, the Arc A770 outperformed the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti and came close to the Radeon RX 6800 XT, which is a remarkable achievement considering that the Arc A770 typically only surpasses the Radeon RX 6650 XT. It's worth noting that neither AMD nor Nvidia have released dedicated graphics drivers for the game yet. The testing was done using driver version 4514 from June 27. Intel's website mentions that Arc GPUs are the first to receive improvements for "Jagged Alliance 3," although specific details and numbers were not provided. The same applies to Exoprimal, which was released on July 14th.

However, League of Legends stands out in terms of the DirectX 11 API. The new graphics driver Beta is reported to increase the frame rate on Alchemist GPUs by up to 6 percent and 10 percent, respectively, when playing at very high graphics settings in Full HD and QHD.

The latest Intel Arc & Xe graphics driver includes bug fixes and important enhancements. It addresses issues related to Halo Infinite, Dota 2 streaming via Xsplit Broadcaster, and the Arc Dashboard.

You can download the new Intel Arc & Xe graphics driver from the ComputerBase download area. It is available as a beta driver and can be found in the version overview at the bottom of the page.

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