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Rex Heuermann: Plainclothes Police Officers Dramatically Capture Gilgo Beach Serial Killer in NYC Street [WATCH VIDEO]

Serial killer Rex Heuermann has been arrested in New York City.

Investigators descended upon the dilapidated home of Rex Heuermann in Massapequa Park on Saturday, conducting an extensive search for evidence related to his alleged crimes. A video has emerged capturing the moment Heuermann was apprehended by plainclothes police officers as he walked down a sidewalk in Midtown Manhattan. Heuermann, a 59-year-old lawyer and father of two, was arrested on Thursday and charged with the murders of three women over a decade ago. He is also a suspect in the killing of another woman.

The video footage shows Heuermann walking along, seemingly unaware of his surroundings, carrying a messenger bag over his shoulder. Suddenly, plainclothes officers position themselves in front of him and encircle him, leading to his arrest. This incident occurred near Heuermann's office on Fifth Avenue, where he allegedly made phone calls to arrange meetings with the victims under the guise of engaging in sexual activities. It is also close to the area from which he allegedly made phone calls to taunt the families of the deceased women.

Heuermann appeared in court on Friday and pleaded not guilty to three counts of first-degree murder and various other charges related to the killings. Despite being a lifelong suburban resident, he displayed no emotion during the court proceedings. Detectives matched DNA from pizza that Heuermann had eaten to genetic material found on the victims' remains, leading to his arrest. This revelation has left his neighbors in shock, as they never suspected anything suspicious about Heuermann.

Investigators conducted a thorough search of Heuermann's dilapidated home, meticulously combing through the rundown backyard and collecting various items that seemed unrelated and puzzling, such as cat food and a cat scratch pole. Drone footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows authorities sifting through the tiny backyard, dressed in powder blue caps, white jumpsuits, and blue rubber gloves. They searched for potential additional clues, their presence dotting the property.

The police spent 18 months constructing their case against Heuermann, gathering evidence that tied him to the infamous killings. This evidence included traces of burner cell phone calls, disturbing Google searches, and DNA evidence. Neighbors from the middle-class neighborhood where Heuermann lived described him as a menacing figure who children avoided on Halloween. Heuermann's long-time colleague reported having a conversation with him on the evening of his arrest, during which he displayed no signs of distress or unusual behavior.

Heuermann's neighbors had long been wary of him, describing his home as "creepy" and "dungeon-like." In his professional life, he was seen as arrogant by some, with a distinct "swagger" about him. Heuermann is married to Asa Ellerup, who is said to have Icelandic heritage. Not much information is available about Ellerup, but neighbors describe her as "quiet." Heuermann also has a daughter and a special needs son, with suggestions that the son may be his stepson. Heuermann often spoke proudly of his father, who worked as an aerospace engineer and cabinet maker.

In conclusion, the arrest of Rex Heuermann has shocked his neighbors and colleagues, who never suspected his involvement in the murders. Investigators are diligently searching for evidence to build their case against him, while the public awaits further developments in this disturbing case.

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