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Ariana Grande's spouse involved with 'other individuals' for months amidst separation

Dalton Gomez is dating other people amid separation from Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande's estranged husband, Dalton Gomez, has reportedly been dating other people for several months since their separation. According to a source, Gomez's dating life has been ongoing since January, and Grande is said to have no issue with it. Additionally, the source claims that Gomez was not fully aware of Grande's immense fame and struggled to cope with the attention and busy schedule that came with it.

The couple's relationship began during the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which provided a less hectic environment for Grande. However, as restrictions lifted, Gomez allegedly found it challenging to adapt to Grande's demanding schedule. He particularly had concerns about the paparazzi, her frequent travel, and the need for security during public outings.

These differences in lifestyle reportedly created a rift between the couple, which was further intensified by Grande's involvement in the film adaptation of "Wicked," requiring her to film in London for an extended period.

In an attempt to salvage their marriage, Gomez flew to London earlier this year, but it seems their efforts were unsuccessful. Another source has revealed that Grande is determined to move forward and that her family supports her decisions regarding her personal life. Both sides reportedly agree that the separation is ultimately for the best, as they acknowledge that Grande and Gomez are two very different individuals.

Speculation about the couple's separation arose when Grande was seen without her engagement ring at Wimbledon. Shortly after, news broke that they had indeed split and would be getting a divorce after just two years of marriage. According to TMZ, the couple was surprised that news of their separation only became public this week, despite being separated for months.

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