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Possible Rewrite: "Shannon Sharpe Engages in Talks with ESPN for Groundbreaking Show Featuring Stephen A. Smith"

Shannon Sharpe may join ESPN's First Take with Stephen A. Smith.

Shannon Sharpe, a well-known figure in the sports media industry, may be making a move to ESPN to join Stephen A. Smith on the popular show First Take. This potential collaboration between two of America's biggest shows has generated a lot of excitement and speculation.

According to Front Office Sports, Sharpe recently left Fox Sports' The Undisputed after a seven-year stint alongside Skip Bayless. It is now being reported that he could become a high-profile "Contributor" on First Take, joining a rotating cast of stars that includes Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, Ryan Clark, and Michael Irvin from NFL Network.

Since leaving Fox Sports, Sharpe has been in high demand by various networks. While there is no official deal with ESPN yet, this arrangement would allow him to continue hosting his own podcast, Club Shay Shay, which boasts over a million subscribers. Additionally, he would have the freedom to sign with FanDuel, a company that does not require exclusivity from its talent.

It is expected that Sharpe will find a new home before the 2023 NFL Kickoff. Many speculated that his departure from Fox Sports would result in an immediate move to ESPN, but that did not come to fruition.

Ever since the news broke in late May, people have been wondering why Sharpe decided to leave Fox Sports. However, the exact reason for his departure remains unclear at this time.

Sharpe's relationship with Skip Bayless had its ups and downs, but they shared an emotional moment during the show's finale. Sharpe, visibly moved, expressed his gratitude to Skip for everything he had done to support him on the show. As Bayless and Fox executives search for a new partner for The Undisputed, the show is currently on a break.

Another rumor circulating is that Sharpe had limited input in topic selection on The Undisputed, with Skip primarily choosing the subjects of debate. However, until Sharpe addresses these speculations himself, the true reasons behind his buyout and departure will remain unknown. Furthermore, the financial details of his buyout have not been disclosed.

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