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"Miracle Reunion: Missing Arizona Girl, Alicia Navarro, Found Safe in Montana after Mysterious Disappearance in 2019"

Alicia Navarro, a high-functioning autistic teen missing for 3 years, found safe in Montana.

During a press conference held on July 26, Glendale Police spokesperson Jose Santiago made the announcement that Alicia Navarro had been found safe in Montana. This development comes after the department received thousands of leads in the case, indicating the extensive efforts made to locate her.

Navarro, a high-functioning autistic teenager, had left her home in the middle of the night over three years ago on September 15 when she was just 14 years old. Her disappearance had left her loved ones and the community deeply concerned.

According to the police, Navarro was found in a small town in Montana near the U.S.-Canadian border. The specific town was not disclosed, but it was revealed to be approximately 40 miles south of the border. Glendale PD provided videos and a photo of Alicia when she arrived at the local police station in Montana, showing her in good health and expressing gratitude towards the police for their assistance.

"We are happy, and at the same time, we are hopeful we will be able to supply this family with a little more closure," Santiago stated during the press conference, highlighting the emotional impact of Alicia's safe return on her family.

Alicia, now 18 years old, is described as a high-functioning girl with autism who acted out of character when she left home that night. Her mother, Jessica Nunez, remained relentless in her search for her daughter throughout the years, never losing hope.

The Glendale Police and the FBI are currently in Montana to further investigate the circumstances surrounding Alicia's disappearance and her subsequent discovery. It was emphasized that Alicia is not being held against her will and is free to come and go as she pleases while she remains in Montana.

Alicia's mother, Jessica Nunez, posted an emotional video on Facebook expressing her gratitude and faith in God for answering prayers and bringing her daughter back safely. She also urged others with missing loved ones to hold onto hope and never stop fighting. While she does not yet know the details of Alicia's disappearance, she is relieved and grateful that her daughter is alive.

Trent Steele, a private investigator who worked on Alicia's case, spoke about the extensive efforts made to locate her. He revealed that his team dedicated up to 50 hours a week to the case and received numerous tips from across the country, but none of them had led to Alicia's whereabouts until now.

The circumstances surrounding Alicia's disappearance were not detailed during the press conference. However, it was revealed that she had left a note for her mother before leaving, expressing her intention to return.

Prior to her disappearance, Alicia was known to spend a lot of time at home, engaging in activities such as watching anime and playing video games online. While she was described as smart and introverted, she had also interacted with people through social media.

When Navarro left home, she took her MacBook and cell phone with her. However, there had been no digital trace of her since that day, adding to the mystery surrounding her disappearance.

Overall, the safe recovery of Alicia Navarro after three years brings a sense of relief and hope to her family and the community. The investigation into her disappearance and the circumstances surrounding it will continue as authorities work to provide closure for her and her loved ones.

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