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Big Brother 25: Cast member with lip-reading ability plans to leverage it

"Big Brother 25 introduces 16 intriguing houseguests, including Deaflympics gold medalist Matt Klotz. Season premiere on August 2!"

Get ready for an exciting new season of Big Brother! The producers have just unveiled the cast list for BB25, and it's filled with fascinating and intriguing characters. Host Julie Chen Moonves will be welcoming the 16 fresh houseguests when the season premieres on August 2, 2023. What's even more exciting is that this installment of Big Brother will be the longest in history, spanning 100 days before crowning a winner.

One houseguest that has caught the attention of many fans is Matt Klotz. At 27 years old, he is a Deaflympics gold medalist hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Matt is thrilled to have the opportunity to play Big Brother and has the potential to be a formidable competitor both physically and socially. Fans have noticed his active presence on social media, where he shares his love for spending time on the water.

During his introduction video, Matt revealed that he has a 100 percent lip-reading proficiency and enjoys playing beach volleyball. His lip-reading skills could prove to be a significant advantage in the game, allowing him to understand conversations happening across the room. Matt also expressed his desire to win the first Head of Household Competition, which would grant him power in the house. However, he is aware that being the first HOH can sometimes make you a target if you play too aggressively, as seen with Frenchie on Big Brother 23.

Fans should take note that the Big Brother live feeds will be delayed on the first day, so patience will be required. Additionally, the first week will only have one episode, but don't worry, we have the early BB25 TV schedule to keep you informed. Julie also teased a "secret" twist that will shake up the game, adding even more excitement to the season.

If you're curious about the layout of the BB25 house, Julie has provided a full house tour, showcasing its unique features and oddities. So mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 2, at 8/7c, because that's when the highly anticipated season premiere of Big Brother 25 will be hitting your screens. Get ready for a summer filled with drama, alliances, and unexpected twists as these 16 houseguests battle it out for the ultimate prize.

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