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2 Minor Characters from Better Call Saul Sparked Walter White's Breaking Bad Tale

Breaking Bad's Walter White's transformation into Heisenberg was made possible by two minor characters from Better Call Saul.

Walter White's transformation into the infamous Heisenberg in Breaking Bad is a result of the actions of two minor characters from Better Call Saul. The significance of small actions leading to big consequences is a recurring theme in Breaking Bad, and the introduction of the skateboarders in Better Call Saul plays a crucial role in shaping the fate of both Jimmy and Walter.

In the original series, Walter starts as a chemistry teacher diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer. Over the course of Breaking Bad, he evolves into the notorious drug kingpin Heisenberg, engaging in increasingly questionable behavior. While Walter only has two brief appearances in Better Call Saul, the prequel directly ties into his story. Better Call Saul provides backstories for various characters from Breaking Bad, setting the stage for Heisenberg's emergence. This wouldn't be possible without the involvement of two minor players from the first two episodes of Better Call Saul.

The skateboarders, Lars and Cal Lindholm, play a crucial role in the interconnected stories of Jimmy and Walter. In Better Call Saul, they intentionally hit Jimmy's car in an attempt to outsmart him, but their plan backfires. This incident sets off a chain of events that becomes pivotal for both characters. Jimmy later approaches the skateboarders with a scheme to con Betsy Kettleman, but they mistakenly hit the car of Tuco Salamanca's grandmother instead.

This mistake leads to a confrontation with Tuco, during which he threatens Jimmy and the skateboarders. Without Lars and Cal, Jimmy would never have crossed paths with Tuco, Nacho Varga, or Lalo. Ultimately, the skateboarders' actions redirect Jimmy's journey, leading him to work for the cartel. Their impact extends beyond Jimmy's story and influences the events of Breaking Bad as well.

The significance of the skateboarders becomes even more evident when considering Walter's fate. If Jimmy had never encountered the cartel and become Saul Goodman, Walter's operation would have faced numerous obstacles. Without Saul's guidance and connections, Walter and Jesse Pinkman would have likely been caught much earlier, or their drug empire would never have flourished. Saul himself acknowledges his crucial role in Walter's success. His transformation into Saul Goodman is integral to the events of Breaking Bad, as he becomes a pivotal player, helping the main characters navigate their criminal activities and ensuring the smooth operation of their enterprises.

While the skateboarders may be the catalyst for the events in both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, it is Jimmy who bears the ultimate responsibility for his own journey. His choices and criminal antics further entangle him with the cartel and shape his fate. Throughout Better Call Saul, Jimmy's decisions, along with those of his partner Kim, bind him closer to the criminals he eventually works for.

Furthermore, Jimmy has the opportunity to alter the course of Breaking Bad. Refusing to collaborate with Walter could have changed the outcome of the series, potentially saving lives. Similarly, Jimmy's own tragic ending in Better Call Saul could have been avoided if he had chosen a different path. However, Jimmy's morally questionable choices lead to his downfall and impact those around him.

In conclusion, the seemingly insignificant actions of the skateboarders in Better Call Saul have far-reaching consequences in the intertwined stories of Jimmy and Walter. Their involvement sets off a chain of events that shapes the fate of both characters and influences the trajectory of Breaking Bad. Ultimately, it is Jimmy's choices and actions that determine his own destiny, highlighting the themes of cause and effect, morality, and personal responsibility in both series.

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