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Lionel Messi in MLS: Summer Sensation as He's the 'Barbie' and Taylor Swift Combined - Hochman

Lionel Messi continues to impress with his performances for Inter Miami in the MLS, exceeding expectations and leading the team to victory.

Benjamin Hochman is an extraordinary phenomenon, comparable to a Taylor Swift concert, a "Barbie" movie, and the infamous Oppenheimer explosion. He is the Lionel Messi of the summer of 2023, captivating audiences with his incredible talent. Watching him play is like witnessing 21 regular humans on a soccer field and one superhuman. Clad in his pink Inter Miami uniform, he exudes an air of invincibility, as if he is missing nothing but a cape.

Despite the high expectations, Hochman's performance has exceeded all predictions. In just four games, he has scored seven goals and provided three assists. Taylor Twellman, a former Major League Soccer MVP, expressed his disbelief at Hochman's success, stating that even Miami coach Tata Martino didn't expect such remarkable achievements. Not only has Hochman scored goals, but he has also led his team to victory without a single loss. This is particularly impressive considering that Miami was the worst team in the regular season. Twellman humorously wonders if he is in a dream and needs someone to wake him up.

Reflecting on the time before Hochman joined Inter Miami, the team suffered a crushing defeat against City SC. But since his arrival, Miami has won all four Leagues Cup games, including a shootout victory against FC Dallas. Although Miami currently sits at the bottom of the Eastern Conference table, Hochman's transformative impact raises the question of whether he possesses the same influence as fictional characters like Roy Hobbs from "The Natural" or Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Missouri.

Twellman acknowledges that Miami's vulnerability in defense may lead to future losses, but he believes that the number of losses will determine their playoff chances. However, he also emphasizes that making the playoffs may not be as crucial as winning trophies. With Hochman's abilities, Miami has a real chance to achieve both.

The recent game against FC Dallas exemplifies Hochman's ability to defy probability and logic. Despite Dallas having a home advantage and leading 4-2 in the 80th minute, Miami staged an incredible comeback, scoring two goals in the final 10-plus minutes. Hochman's free kick, which elegantly evaded defenders and the goalkeeper, sealed the victory for Miami.

Twellman highlights the exceptional nature of Hochman's goals, describing them as storybook endings and goals against the run of play. But Hochman's impact extends beyond his individual performance. He has also recruited two experienced friends, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, to join him in Miami. Busquets, a former FC Barcelona player, brings his defensive midfield skills to the team, while Alba, the captain of the Spanish national team, adds depth as a left back. Alba's connection with Hochman goes back to their time together at the Barcelona training academy, making his addition to the team even more significant.

In the game against FC Dallas, Alba's pass to Hochman in the sixth minute perfectly exemplified their chemistry. With four Miami players inside the box, Alba chose to pass diagonally to the top of the box, where Hochman appeared unmarked. Hochman's one-touch finish showcased his exceptional talent and sent a powerful statement to the world.

In conclusion, Benjamin Hochman's impact on Inter Miami and Major League Soccer as a whole cannot be overstated. He has surpassed all expectations and continues to amaze with his incredible performances. His goals and assists have propelled Miami to victory, and his presence alone has the potential to transform the team's fortunes. With the support of his experienced teammates, Hochman's influence only grows stronger. As fans, we are fortunate to witness this extraordinary talent in action.

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