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Shame on Netflix for Awkward Handling of Johnny Manziel's Suicide

Former NFL player Ryan Leaf criticizes Netflix's "Untold: Johnny Football" documentary for failing to address mental health issues adequately.

In the wake of watching Netflix's "Untold: Johnny Football" documentary, former NFL draft bust and mental health advocate Ryan Leaf expressed his disappointment with the way the film addressed mental health. Leaf criticized Netflix for glossing over Johnny Manziel's revelation of a failed suicide attempt and perpetuating the stigma surrounding mental illness and substance abuse. He believed that the documentary missed an opportunity to shed light on Manziel's plight and instead focused on his scandalous "Johnny Football" persona. Leaf felt that Netflix could have done more to address Manziel's bipolar diagnosis and how he copes with it alongside his substance abuse issues. He expressed his desire to have spoken with the director and emphasized that the documentary failed to provide any solutions or meaningful discussion about mental health. Leaf acknowledged that his NFL friends enjoyed the stories about Johnny Football, but he saw it as a missed opportunity to highlight the struggles of someone with a disease who needs proper treatment. Leaf believed that Manziel could serve as a beacon of hope for others dealing with mental illness and substance abuse, as he has experienced both the depths and the journey towards rebuilding one's life.

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