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Fans hail Lionel Messi as Inter Miami takes early lead with Josef Martinez penalty

Lionel Messi's decision to let Josef Martinez take a penalty for Inter Miami has garnered praise from fans. The gesture showcases Messi's humility and team spirit. His arrival has also boosted viewership and global interest in MLS.

In a thrilling match between Inter Miami and Charlotte FC in the quarterfinals of the Leagues Cup, fans are once again applauding Lionel Messi for his selflessness. The game took place at DRV PNK Stadium on August 12, and it didn't take long for the hosts to earn a penalty in the 10th minute after Dixon Arroyo was fouled in the visitors' box.

Typically, it would be Messi himself who steps up to take the penalty, given his remarkable record from the spot. However, the Argentine superstar decided to pass the honor to Josef Martinez once again. This isn't the first time Messi has allowed Martinez to take a penalty; he did the same in the Herons' 3-1 victory against Orlando City in the Round of 32. On that occasion, Martinez could have secured a hat-trick if he had converted the penalty, as he had already scored a brace.

Messi's arrival in the MLS has been nothing short of extraordinary, and he is clearly enjoying his time with both his old and new teammates. In just four games, he has already scored an impressive seven goals and shows no signs of slowing down. As Inter Miami faces Charlotte, a team struggling to contain Messi's creativity, he is eager to add to his goal tally.

However, it is Messi's humility in allowing Martinez to take the opening penalty that has garnered praise from fans. One fan took to Twitter to express their admiration for Messi's selfless act. This gesture not only showcases Messi's impact on the field but also his commercial influence. His presence has attracted viewers from around the world, as highlighted by Inter Miami's co-owner, Jorge Mas.

Mas acknowledged the "Messi Effect" and revealed that the number of subscribers to #MLSSeasonPass on Apple TV has more than doubled since Messi joined Inter Miami. The Spanish language viewership for Messi's matches has also exceeded 50% on the same platform and continues to rise. This demonstrates the excitement and global fan base that Messi brings to the MLS.

Fans have always followed Messi's career closely, and even with the difference in time zones, they continue to show their support during his time in the United States. Messi's presence transcends borders and captivates audiences worldwide, making him a true global icon.

In conclusion, Lionel Messi's decision to let Josef Martinez take the penalty in the Leagues Cup quarterfinals has once again showcased his humility and team spirit. His incredible performances on the field, combined with his commercial influence, have made a significant impact on Inter Miami and the MLS as a whole. Fans around the world eagerly follow his every move, proving that Messi's star power knows no bounds.

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