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Vanna White's Wheel Of Fortune Contract Talks: Insider Reveals Salary Comparison Wishes with Pat Sajak

Vanna White is reportedly fighting Sony for a pay raise, asking for $7.5 million annually, equal to her co-host Pat Sajak.

In September, Wheel of Fortune will kick off its 41st season with familiar faces: Pat Sajak as the host and Vanna White flipping the letters on the game show's board. However, next year, Sajak will bid farewell, leaving uncertainty about White's future. Recent reports suggest that White is currently in a battle with Sony to secure her first pay raise in 18 years. While she is rumored to be requesting a salary of $7.5 million annually, which is half of Sajak's reported earnings, there are indications that her desired amount may be even higher.

To solidify her position as co-host of Wheel of Fortune after Sajak's departure, Vanna White has sought legal counsel and is pushing for a pay increase. After dedicating 41 years to the iconic game show, White currently earns $3 million per year, excluding bonuses. In contrast, Sajak allegedly earns five times that amount, raking in $15 million annually. Reports suggest that White aims to earn half of Sajak's salary, which would more than double her current earnings. However, sources close to her team claim that they view $7.5 million as an insultingly low figure. According to an insider:

White's negotiation efforts are not solely focused on obtaining half of Sajak's salary. Instead, her team seeks to ensure that her take-home pay matches or surpasses that of her colleague. This argument holds weight as White has been an integral part of the show for over four decades. While Sajak leads contestants through the game, White serves as the face of the brand, receiving equal screen time as she stands before the crucial puzzle board.

Sony's decision regarding the future of Wheel of Fortune will undoubtedly be influenced by the amount White is requesting, especially if they believe Sajak's $15 million salary was excessive. In the past, White expressed her desire to continue her role after Sajak's retirement, and the show's executives also indicated that they had no intention of eliminating her position.

However, there may be some underlying tension between the two parties. Reports suggest that White had hoped for a chance at Sajak's job or at least input on his replacement, but she was not given the opportunity before Ryan Seacrest was announced as the successor. This perceived lack of respect from the producers may have contributed to Sony's reluctance to meet White's demands in her new contract. Sources indicate that she feels replaceable, a sentiment echoed by the insider who stated:

Contract negotiations have hit a roadblock due to the ongoing writer's strike. However, Vanna White has reportedly reached an agreement with Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, securing $100,000 per episode for the upcoming season. We will continue to monitor this situation for further developments. In the meantime, make sure to check your local listings for Wheel of Fortune's airing schedule and take a look at our 2023 TV schedule for upcoming premieres.

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