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AGT Star Simon Cowell, 63, Expands Family: Baby Number Two with Fiancée Lauren

Simon Cowell shocks fans and friends by proposing to Lauren Silverman in front of their children. Cowell admits fatherhood changed his life and considers expanding his family.

Simon Cowell surprised his fans and friends, including Amanda Holden, with the news that he proposed to Lauren Silverman in front of their nine-year-old son Eric and her teenage son Adam. The 63-year-old America's Got Talent judge, who was once a self-proclaimed bachelor, started a family with Lauren in 2014 and has since spoken about how fatherhood has changed his life.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Simon admitted that before Eric came along, his life revolved around work. He was obsessed with it and would often work through the night. However, now that Eric is in his life, Simon no longer prioritizes work over everything else. He acknowledged that if Eric hadn't come along, he doesn't know what would have happened.

Lauren, in an exclusive interview with HELLO! in 2015, expressed her desire to have another child. She mentioned that if they were to have a second child, it would be lovely to have a girl. She also playfully joked about how overprotective Simon would be of their daughter, making it difficult for any man to come near her.

Simon has also spoken about the possibility of expanding his family. In a 2018 interview with The Mirror, he admitted that if someone had asked him five years ago if he would have another child, he would have thought it might be too late. However, now that he has experienced fatherhood, he can't imagine his life without Eric. He stated that he would consider having another child.

More recently, Simon and Lauren discussed their experience of parenthood at the Variety Club Showbusiness Awards. Lauren emotionally expressed her gratitude for Simon's role as a father and stepfather to their sons. She praised him for teaching Eric the importance of helping others. Simon, in an exclusive interview with HELLO!, echoed Lauren's sentiments and shared how much fatherhood has changed his life.

Simon also spoke about Eric's upbringing and described him as a kind-hearted individual. He emphasized that kindness is inherent to Eric's nature, and he is grateful for that. Simon's love for his son is evident, and he cherishes the moments they share together.

In conclusion, Simon Cowell's journey into fatherhood has transformed his life. He has embraced the role of a father and is grateful for the love and joy Eric brings into his life. Simon and Lauren have expressed their desire to expand their family, and their commitment to raising their children with love and kindness is evident. Parenthood has brought out the best in Simon, and he continues to cherish every moment with his family.

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