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California Mass Shooting: 4 Killed, 6 Injured as Retired Cop Opens Fire at Cook's Corner Biker Bar in Orange County

Four people were killed and six injured after a retired law enforcement officer opened fire at a popular biker bar in Orange County, California.

Tragedy struck on Wednesday night at Cook's Corner, a popular biker bar in Trabuco Canyon, Orange County, California. A retired law enforcement officer, identified as the suspect, opened fire, resulting in the deaths of four individuals and injuries to six others. The gunman was ultimately shot by responding officers and pronounced dead. The incident originated from a domestic dispute involving the retired officer and his wife.

Disturbing video footage from the scene captures the aftermath of the shooting, with two lifeless bodies covered by sheets. The incident occurred around 7:30 p.m. at Cook's Corner, a renowned biker bar situated at the junction of El Toro, Santiago Canyon, and Live Oak Canyon roads, near O'Neill Regional Park.

Reports indicate that a total of 11 individuals, including the suspected shooter, were shot during the incident. Fortunately, no law enforcement deputies were injured. The wounded victims were promptly transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Cook's Corner has established itself as one of the most popular biker bars in California, attracting a significant number of patrons. Consequently, a substantial police presence was observed at the scene of the shooting on Wednesday night. The gravity and complexity of the situation prompted the involvement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

The Orange County Sheriff's Office took to Twitter to address the incident, stating that multiple victims had been shot at Cook's Corner in Trabuco Canyon. The authorities have initiated an investigation to gather further details surrounding the tragic event.

Senator Dave Min, representing California, expressed his devastation over yet another mass shooting, this time at Cook's Corner. He emphasized the need for support to law enforcement and the commitment to end gun violence in the country. The senator highlighted the unfortunate reality that no place in America is safe from this scourge, referencing previous incidents in Orange County, such as the church shooting in Laguna Woods.

The shooting at Cook's Corner follows a string of attacks that have occurred in Orange County, including the tragic incident at a church in Laguna Woods on May 15, 2022, where one person lost their life and five others were injured.

As this story continues to develop, authorities, along with the FBI and ATF, will work diligently to uncover the full extent of the incident at Cook's Corner and bring justice to the victims and their families.

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