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Republican debate: Vivek Ramaswamy shines as he delivers the strongest closing statements

Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy stood out during the Republican debate, delivering a strong closing statement with specific claims about American ideals.

Vivek Ramaswamy's performance on the Republican debate stage Wednesday night was a topic of much discussion, with opinions varying on whether he did exceptionally well or poorly. Surprisingly, Ramaswamy managed to capture more attention than anticipated, securing the second-highest speaking time. As an entrepreneur who has been gaining ground on Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) in the polls, Ramaswamy came out swinging during the debate. However, he faced criticism from Chris Christie for mimicking former President Barack Obama and from Nikki Haley for his questionable foreign policy ideas.

One noteworthy aspect of Ramaswamy's performance was his powerful closing statement, which stood out among the candidates. He began by emphasizing his generational perspective, highlighting that he was born in 1985 and grew up in an era that celebrated diversity and differences. However, he argued that this focus on individuality had caused people to forget the common ideals that unite Americans. According to Ramaswamy, these ideals were the foundation of the nation in 1776 and should be revived in the present.

During his closing statement, Ramaswamy made several specific claims about what makes America great, setting himself apart from other candidates who relied on generic statements about American prosperity. He boldly asserted that God is real, there are only two genders, fossil fuels are necessary for human prosperity, reverse racism is racism, an open border is not a border, parents have the right to determine their children's education, the nuclear family is the best form of governance, capitalism lifts people out of poverty, there are three branches of government (not four), and the U.S. Constitution is the strongest safeguard of freedom in human history. Ramaswamy believes that these principles were instrumental in winning the American revolution and will be crucial in winning the revolution of 2024.

The significance of Ramaswamy's specific claims should not be overlooked. In a time when even the idea of two genders is being debated, the Republican Party cannot afford to rely on vague generalizations and platitudes. Ramaswamy's willingness to make bold and specific assertions on the debate stage sets an example for other candidates. They should take note and consider following his lead in providing clear and distinct ideas about what truly makes America great.

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