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'Woman assaulted and robbed in Bengaluru, all alone at home'

A woman in Bengaluru was attacked and robbed of her gold jewelry by a knife-wielding mugger. The incident occurred when she opened the door to what she thought was a delivery.

In a shocking incident that took place in HSR Layout, Bengaluru, a 37-year-old woman was attacked and robbed in her own home. Sangeetha, who was alone at the time, was targeted by a knife-wielding mugger who made off with her gold chain, bangles, earrings, and ring. The incident occurred between 11.50am and 12pm on Monday, leaving Sangeetha with cuts on both hands.

Recounting the terrifying ordeal from her hospital bed, Sangeetha revealed that she initially thought it was a courier boy at the door when the calling bell rang. However, after receiving no response to her query, she opened the door assuming it was a delivery. Little did she know that she was about to face a nightmare.

Without warning, the intruder flung chili powder into Sangeetha's face, temporarily blinding her. As she tried to wipe away the powder, she experienced a burning sensation in her eyes and face. Seizing the opportunity, the mugger pushed his way into her house and locked the door behind him.

In a desperate plea for her safety, Sangeetha begged the intruder not to harm her. However, her pleas fell on deaf ears as he brandished a knife and demanded all the gold and cash in the house. Despite her attempts to resist, Sangeetha was overpowered and forced to hand over her earrings, ring, and bangles.

The mugger then demanded her gold chain, and when she hesitated, he snatched it from her. Sangeetha, who was now bleeding profusely, begged him to spare her further harm since he had already obtained the gold. In a final warning, the assailant instructed her not to make any phone calls or raise an alarm for the next 10 minutes before making his escape.

Terrified, Sangeetha locked the door and eventually called her neighbor on the ground floor for help. The neighbor immediately contacted the police, who arrived at the scene promptly. Sangeetha was then rushed to a nearby private hospital for treatment.

According to Sangeetha's account, the mugger appeared to be between 25 and 30 years old and had arrived on foot. A case has been registered under IPC sections 397 for robbery or dacoity with an attempt to cause death or grievous hurt, and 506 for criminal intimidation. The stolen jewelry weighs over 45 grams and is valued at approximately Rs 2 lakh.

CK Baba, the deputy commissioner of police (south-east), assured that the case is being thoroughly investigated and results are expected soon. Sangeetha's husband, Chandrika Prasad Chourasiya, shared that she was discharged from the hospital on Monday night. While he confirmed that the mugger was not wearing a mask, he declined to provide further details.

This incident serves as a chilling reminder of the importance of personal safety and vigilance, even within the confines of one's own home. It is crucial for individuals to remain cautious and take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their belongings.

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