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Bruce Willis Daughter Talullah Shares Dramatic Eating Disorder Transformation Update

Bruce Willis' daughter Tallulah Willis shares before-and-after photos of her battle with an eating disorder and her recovery.

Tallulah Willis recently shared an update on her journey to recovery from an eating disorder on Instagram. The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore posted before-and-after photos of her body, accompanied by a trigger warning. In her caption, she expressed her love for herself and acknowledged her own courage. Willis began her slideshow with a "pre-recovery image" and followed it with a more recent photo. She received positive messages from her sister Rumer and others in a group chat screenshot. Willis concluded her post with a photo of a colorful fruit platter.

In a previous essay for Vogue, Willis opened up about her battle with anorexia nervosa and her recovery. She revealed that she had been reluctant to talk about it because restricting food felt like her last vice after getting sober at age 20. At 25, she sought treatment for depression and grieved her past self. Willis also shared that she had been diagnosed with ADHD and found stimulant medication transformative. However, she began to enjoy the appetite-suppressant side effect and her sense of self became distorted. She experienced body dysmorphia and her weight dropped to 84 pounds. After her former fiancé broke up with her, her family sent her to a rehabilitation center where she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Willis realized that she wanted harmony with her family more than with her body and decided to prioritize her health.

Throughout her essay, Willis reflected on her relationship with her father, Bruce Willis, who was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. She admitted that she had been too sick herself to handle his health struggles but now, with her own health improving, she is able to be present for him. Willis expressed her gratitude for the tools she has gained in her recovery and her ability to show up for her father. She acknowledged that there will be challenges ahead but emphasized the importance of loving oneself before being able to love others.

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