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Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales resigns after FIFA disciplinary proceedings over kiss controversy

Spanish Football Federation President, Luis Rubiales, faces resignation after FIFA launches disciplinary proceedings over unsolicited kiss incident.

In a shocking turn of events, Luis Rubiales, the President of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), is facing disciplinary proceedings and is expected to resign following an incident involving an unsolicited kiss. The controversy arose when Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the celebration of Spain Women's World Cup 2023 victory.

This action sparked outrage not only within Spain but also internationally, leading to widespread calls for Rubiales' resignation, including from government ministers. The situation escalated further when Hermoso herself stated that such actions should not go unpunished. As a result, FIFA has initiated disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales.

Despite initially defending himself against the criticism and offering a public apology through a video, the controversy surrounding Rubiales did not die down. Regional leaders of the RFEF gathered to discuss his future and potential successors. It is reported that Pedro Rocha, the head of the Extremadura football federation, and Pablo Lozano, leader of the Andalusian federation, are among the top contenders.

Rubiales took over the RFEF in 2018 with a promise to bring modernization and transparency to the federation, following the corruption charges faced by his predecessor, Angel Maria Villar. However, his tenure has been marred by various controversies. One notable incident was the abrupt dismissal of Julen Lopetegui just two days before Spain's first match in the 2018 World Cup. He also faced allegations of misconduct in relation to a deal to move the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, internal divisions emerged within the women's squad last year, with several players calling for the dismissal of coach Jorge Vilda. In response, Vilda removed 12 players from his World Cup team.

Rubiales, who had a career as a player for lower league teams in Spain, concluded his playing days in 2009 while playing in Scotland. He later became the President of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) in 2010, a position he held until his nomination for the RFEF presidency in 2017.

This recent incident involving Rubiales and Hermoso has undoubtedly tarnished his reputation and raised serious questions about his leadership. The outcome of the disciplinary proceedings and Rubiales' subsequent resignation will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of Spanish football and the RFEF.

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