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Halle Berry, Brooke Shields, Justin Theroux Celebrate National Dog Day

Celebrities celebrate National Dog Day by sharing adorable photos and videos of their furry friends on social media.

National Dog Day, which falls on August 26th, was celebrated by many celebrities who took to social media to share adorable pictures of their furry companions. Halle Berry shared several photos of her two fluffy labradoodles on Instagram, including a selfie showing off her signature short hairstyle. She jokingly captioned the post, "Behind every strong woman are her dogs following her to the bathroom. Happy National Doggies Day everybody!"

Naomi Watts paid tribute to her dog, Izzy, and expressed her love for her in a heartfelt post. She also gave a special shout-out to the Los Angeles adoption center where she rescued Izzy from. Justin Theroux, another advocate for adopting and rescuing dogs, posted a compilation video on his Instagram Story featuring his rescue dog, Kuma. He also shared a heartwarming video of Kuma sitting on his lap with his head out of the car window, showing his love for his furry friend.

Brooke Shields celebrated National Dog Day by sharing nine adorable photos of her new puppy, Tuzi, whom she welcomed into her family in July. She even painted the puppy's nails for the occasion. Kelly Ripa made National Dog Day a family affair, posing for a selfie with her daughter and one of their dogs, Lena, in a tropical location. Reese Witherspoon, a proud dog mom to four dogs, shared a photo of herself with her French bulldog, enjoying her favorite activity of reading. She held up Ann Patchet's novel "Tom Lake," which was featured in her book club this month.

Paris Hilton, known for her love of pets, expressed her affection for her furry friends and shared a picture of them on social media. She also introduced her newest addition to the family, a brown and white teacup puppy, and asked her followers to help her name it.

National Dog Day is a time for people to celebrate their beloved canine companions and raise awareness about the importance of adoption. Many celebrities took the opportunity to showcase their love for their dogs and promote the adoption of shelter animals. It's heartwarming to see these famous individuals sharing their joy and happiness with their furry friends on this special day.

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