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US Police Detain Gunman in UNC-Chapel Hill Shooting

Faculty member killed in fatal shooting at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Gunman in custody, motive unknown.

On Monday, authorities confirmed that a faculty member had been killed in a tragic shooting incident at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (UNC), leading to the campus and surrounding community being placed on lockdown. The gunman is now in police custody. UNC Police Chief Brian James addressed reporters, explaining that no charges have been filed yet as investigators are still working to determine the motives behind the incident and the relationship between the shooter and the faculty member.

Chief James also mentioned that officials are currently searching for a firearm, but it is unclear whether it was legally registered. The university first issued an alert at 1:04 p.m. local time, just two minutes after the initial shots were heard near a laboratory on campus, warning of an armed and dangerous individual. At 2:24 p.m., a shelter-in-place order was announced, as the gunman was believed to be at-large. Finally, at 4:14 p.m., an all-clear was given after the suspect was taken into custody at 2:31 p.m.

Earlier, campus police had released a photo of a person of interest, urging the public to avoid contact with the individual. However, no further details have been provided about this person at this time. Photos from the scene showed a significant police presence, with numerous cruisers and helicopters monitoring the area from above.

Videos captured the moment when the suspect was apprehended, as well as students jumping from windows to escape the campus after hearing reports of an active shooter. Kelly Kendall, a UNC-Chapel Hill student, expressed shock and uncertainty about how the school year would proceed. She emphasized the suddenness of the situation and the impact it had on the sense of safety within the campus community.

The student body, consisting of 20,000 undergraduate students and 12,000 graduate students, has raised concerns about the university's alert system, specifically regarding a lack of detailed information. An investigation into the incident is ongoing, as authorities work to understand the full circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

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