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Ex-Patriot Star: Chiefs Unfazed by Duration of Chris Jones' Holdout

Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones is unlikely to play in the team's game against the Detroit Lions due to his ongoing contract holdout. NBC Sports analyst Devin McCourty believes the Chiefs will be fine without Jones and can still focus on winning another Super Bowl. McCourty recalled a similar situation with the New England Patriots in his rookie season, where the team continued to win despite the absence of a key player.

Defensive lineman Chris Jones expressed his readiness to play in the NFL Kickoff Game at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium if he signed his contract on Wednesday. However, as his contract holdout continues, it is highly unlikely that Jones will participate in Thursday night's Chiefs game against the Detroit Lions.

Jones had previously stated that he would not return to the Chiefs without a new deal until Week 8. NBC Sports analyst Devin McCourty, a retired player who spent 13 seasons with the Patriots, believes that Jones' absence will not negatively impact the Chiefs.

To support his point, McCourty shared a story from his rookie season with the Patriots. He mentioned how Logan Mankins, their best offensive player at the time, missed several games due to injury. Despite this, the team remained focused on their goal of winning the Super Bowl and did not let the absence of Mankins become a distraction.

McCourty believes that the Chiefs, like the Patriots from his rookie year, have their sights set on winning it all. He expects them to adopt a similar approach and not let Jones' absence affect their performance. They understand that Jones will eventually return and will not let it hinder their pursuit of victory.

In 2010, the Patriots had an impressive 8-1 record when Mankins suffered an ACL injury. However, they finished the season with a remarkable 14-2 record. McCourty, a former Pro Bowl safety, believes that the Chiefs' other defensive players will step up to compensate for Jones' absence.

While acknowledging that Jones cannot be replaced, McCourty emphasizes the importance of players like Nick Bolton and Justin Reid stepping up and playing their best in the absence of the team's star player. He believes that the Chiefs will have multiple players filling different roles in Jones' position and will rely on their leaders and captain-type players to deliver standout performances until Jones returns.

In conclusion, despite Chris Jones' contract holdout and potential absence from the Chiefs' upcoming game, NBC Sports analyst Devin McCourty believes that the team's focus on winning the Super Bowl will allow them to overcome this challenge. Drawing from his own experience with the Patriots, McCourty suggests that the Chiefs will remain undeterred and rely on other defensive players to step up and make significant contributions in Jones' absence.

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