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Ariana Grande Opens Up About Botox, Fillers, and Massive Forehead

Ariana Grande shares her skincare and makeup routine, along with her past beauty insecurities, in a revealing video for Vogue.

Ariana Grande, the renowned singer, recently shared her comprehensive skincare and makeup routine in a captivating video for Vogue. In this "get ready with me" style video, Grande not only showcased her charm but also provided insights into her past beauty-related insecurities.

Throughout the video, Grande demonstrated her expertise in skincare and makeup, applying numerous products with finesse. She also delved into the perplexing world of undereye masks, pondering the correct way to wear them. Additionally, she shared her beauty inspirations, including iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and drag queens. One of the most surprising moments of the video was when Grande opened up about her past use of fillers and Botox, revealing that she no longer utilizes these treatments.

With tears welling up in her eyes, Grande expressed her journey with beauty and how it has evolved over the years, particularly since she began her career at a young age. She admitted to using makeup as a form of disguise, gradually piling on more hair and thicker eyeliner to conceal herself. However, as she has grown older, her perspective on beauty has shifted.

While contemplating the idea of sharing "beauty secrets" in the video, Grande pondered whether the real secret lies in our desire to feel our best and be loved. These introspective thoughts even surprised Grande herself, who proudly displayed her new Glinda tattoo on the back of her hand. The tattoo serves as a tribute to her role in the screen adaptation of Wicked, where she portrays the beloved good witch of Oz.

Grande confessed that she did not anticipate becoming emotional during the video. For a long time, beauty was synonymous with hiding for her. However, since she stopped using fillers and Botox, she has embraced the idea of revealing her natural features, including her well-earned cry lines and smile lines. She hopes that her smile lines deepen as she laughs more, emphasizing that aging can be a beautiful process. She even playfully mentioned the possibility of getting a facelift in the future, highlighting the importance of open discussions about beauty.

While the video is filled with emotional reflections on beauty, it also showcases Grande's lighthearted side. She charmingly flips off the camera and humorously expresses her dissatisfaction with her "massive forehead" and ever-changing hairline. These moments add a touch of relatability and authenticity to the overall narrative.

In conclusion, Ariana Grande's skincare and makeup routine video for Vogue is a captivating journey that explores her personal relationship with beauty. It highlights her growth and transformation, as well as her newfound appreciation for embracing natural features. Through her vulnerability and authenticity, Grande encourages open discussions about beauty, ultimately reminding us that feeling our best and being loved are the true secrets we all seek.

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