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5 Best Souls Likes To Get You Ready For Lies of P

Get ready for the release of Lies of P on September 19th with these five best soul-likes, including Sekiro, The Surge 2, Nioh, Remnant 2, and Bloodborne.

Lies of P, set to be released on September 19th, is already generating buzz with its reviews. The 4-hour demo showcased a gritty souls-like game that draws heavily from Bloodborne, both in its aesthetic and gameplay. This is a positive aspect, as it has been a while since a souls-like game has satisfied that terrifying, gothic craving. While awaiting the release of Lies of P, here are the top five soul-likes that will prepare you for the game.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice takes a bold departure from the traditional RPG elements of the Souls series. Although developed by FromSoftware, it draws inspiration from a different game in the company's history called Tenchu. Instead of wielding giant shields and wearing heavy armor, Sekiro focuses on precision-based combat, stealth mechanics, and a rich, historical Japanese setting.

In Sekiro, players assume the role of Wolf, a shinobi armed with a katana and grappling hook. Unlike other souls-like games, Sekiro doesn't overwhelm players with an abundance of weapons. Instead, the katana and grappling hook are the primary tools throughout the game. While the absence of character customization and RPG elements may disappoint some Souls fans, the gripping narrative, interconnected world, and relentless challenge compensate for it.

The Surge 2, the sequel to the original game, offers a creepy, dystopian future to explore, filled with dangerous enemies, intriguing lore discoveries, and surprisingly, numerous characters to interact with. It maintains the genre's trademark brutal difficulty and provides a wide range of options for character building.

Combat in The Surge 2 revolves around limb targeting and dodging. The dodging mechanics are intensive, allowing players to dodge in multiple directions and even jump to evade enemy attacks. This creates a complex combat system that remains engaging throughout the game. The story may be somewhat scattered, but the captivating world, coupled with unique and original weaponry, compensates for any shortcomings. The gameplay of The Surge 2 is as distinctive as that of Lies of P appears to be.

While the acclaimed second game in the series may seem like the obvious choice, the first Nioh game stands out for its blend of old-school action and soul-like mechanics. It feels like a combination of Devil May Cry and Onimusha, creating a unique vibe. The game offers an overwhelming number of options for equipping and building up the character, William. Players can choose between four different types of swords, spears, bows, guns, and more.

Nioh's challenge is among the toughest in the genre. Players must juggle three different weapon stances, each with its own unique combo strings, while battling challenging bosses. The game also features numerous side missions, hidden items to discover, and an intriguing story to follow. While some may prefer the second game for its improved graphics and expanded combat options, the adventure of William in the first game is my personal choice. It serves as an excellent preparation for the challenge of Lies of P and is a remarkable souls-like game.

In the competitive gaming world of 2023, it is difficult for smaller titles to gain recognition amidst the hype surrounding major AAA releases. However, Remnant 2 manages to shine as an exceptional next-gen souls-like game, even if it has been overshadowed by other releases.

Gameplay-wise, Remnant 2 offers a combination of guns and melee weapons to combat the horrors players will face. Some worlds will feel familiar, while others will present outrageously absurd scenarios where players must fight enemies that defy imagination. One memorable fight involves battling a giant cube that spawns other cubes, all of which attempt to crush the player as they navigate a maze. Remnant 2 stands out as a unique and outstanding game, making it an ideal choice to prepare for Lies of P.

Lies of P clearly draws inspiration from Bloodborne, one of FromSoftware's masterpieces. Bloodborne is a thought-provoking and disturbing game that simultaneously feels familiar and foreign. Aggression is key in Bloodborne, as shields are nonexistent, and rolling is replaced by dodging. The action is fast-paced and bloody, with the word "blood" featuring prominently in the game's items.

The world of Bloodborne is a blend of Lovecraftian horror and the most unsettling levels conceived by FromSoftware. This massive, interconnected world takes players through gothic castles, downtrodden villages, and breathtaking dreamlike vistas as they uncover the secrets of the game's universe. Bloodborne stands alone in the souls-like genre with its terrifying boss fights. The game features grotesque beasts that remain at the top of any list of the most challenging souls-like bosses. If there is one souls-like game that can prepare players for Lies of P, it is undoubtedly the one that inspired it.

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