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Boston College penalties allow FSU football to escape with win Takeaways

No. 3 Florida State narrowly defeats Boston College in a nail-biting game, securing their College Football Playoff bid.

In a thrilling game against Boston College, the No. 3 ranked Florida State football team emerged victorious with a narrow 31-29 win. The Seminoles faced a tough challenge as the Eagles made a late push in the fourth quarter, cutting FSU's lead to just two points. However, a key sack by linebacker Kalen DeLoach and a facemask penalty on BC allowed the Seminoles to run out the clock and secure the win.

This victory was crucial for Florida State's aspirations of making it to the College Football Playoff. A loss to Boston College would have severely derailed their playoff hopes and hindered their chances for a national championship. Despite BC being ranked 103rd in the country, they proved to be a formidable opponent and nearly upset the top-ranked Seminoles.

The game showcased some struggles for FSU's offense, particularly in the first half. While wide receiver Johnny Wilson had an impressive performance with over 100 receiving yards and running back Trey Benson rushed for nearly 70 yards, the offense struggled to find its rhythm and succumbed to BC's defensive pressure.

On the other hand, Boston College's quarterback Thomas Castellanos had a standout game, both through the air and on the ground. He completed 20 of 33 passes for 305 yards and a touchdown, while also rushing for 95 yards and a touchdown. FSU's defense struggled to contain his speed and athleticism.

However, it was the Seminoles' defense that ultimately made the difference in the game. Key defensive plays, including the crucial sack by DeLoach, helped FSU regain possession and secure the win. The team's ability to step up in crucial moments was a testament to their resilience and determination.

Despite the victory, this game will likely have an impact on FSU's ranking in the AP Poll. Additionally, it serves as a reminder that they cannot afford to overlook upcoming opponents, such as Clemson. The Seminoles must continue to improve and address their offensive struggles to maintain their upward trajectory in the college football world.

Penalties played a significant role in the outcome of the game, particularly for Boston College. The Eagles committed a staggering 18 penalties, resulting in 132 lost yards. These constant setbacks prevented BC from capitalizing on their momentum and potentially securing an upset victory. ESPN broadcasters suggested that many of these penalties stemmed from miscommunication between Castellanos and the offensive line, which hindered BC's progress throughout the game.

In contrast, FSU showed improvement in their penalty discipline compared to their previous game against LSU. They committed only five penalties for 45 lost yards, a significant reduction from the seven penalties for 64 yards in the first half of the season opener. This improvement is a positive sign for the Seminoles, who are striving to eliminate costly mistakes and maintain their competitive edge.

There were also concerns about injuries during the game. FSU quarterback Jordan Travis suffered an injury in the first half but returned in the third quarter to finish the game. His presence on the field was crucial for the Seminoles' success, as he completed 16 of 24 passes for 212 yards and two touchdowns, in addition to his rushing contributions. An injury to Travis could have a detrimental impact on FSU's future performances, as he has been a key player in their recent successes.

Tight end Jaheim Bell also left the game with an injury, potentially affecting the Seminoles' offensive strategy. However, FSU has a deep tight end room, and players like Markeston Douglas and Preston Daniels can step up to fill the void.

One of the standout performances of the game came from wide receiver Johnny Wilson, who showcased significant improvement from the previous week. After struggling to make an impact against Southern Miss, Wilson bounced back with over 100 receiving yards and four receptions against Boston College. His resurgence was a welcome sight for the Seminoles, and his contributions were crucial in securing the victory.

On the other hand, wide receiver Keon Coleman was effectively neutralized by the BC defense, recording no receiving stats. Despite Travis attempting to find him, Coleman faced constant defensive pressure and struggled to make an impact. This highlights the need for FSU's offense to diversify their options and find alternative targets in future games.

Overall, the game against Boston College was a challenging test for the Seminoles, but they showed resilience and determination to come out on top. The victory keeps their playoff aspirations alive, but they must address their offensive struggles and remain focused on upcoming opponents. With improvements in penalty discipline and the depth of their roster, FSU has the potential to continue their upward trajectory in the college football world.

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