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Billy Chemirmir's cellmate, suspected killer also convicted of murder

Serial killer Billy Chemirmir, convicted of killing two people and suspected in at least 20 other deaths, was killed by his cellmate in a Texas prison. The cellmate, Wyatt Ellis Busby, is serving a 50-year sentence for murder and has a history of violent convictions. The families of Chemirmir's victims have mixed emotions about his death. Texas state prisons have reported 17 homicides this year, more than double last year's number. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has not released details about Chemirmir's death.

In an unexpected turn of events, CBS News Texas has obtained new information regarding the death of suspected serial killer Billy Chemirmir. Chemirmir, who was convicted of killing two individuals but believed to be responsible for the deaths of at least 20 others, was reportedly killed by his cellmate, Wyatt Ellis Busby.

Busby, a resident of the Houston area, is no stranger to murder convictions himself. Currently serving a 50-year sentence for murder, Busby has a lengthy history of violent offenses. Sources have revealed that Busby and Chemirmir were sharing a cell in a maximum-security prison near Palestine, where Chemirmir had been serving a life sentence since October of last year.

According to these sources, Busby took Chemirmir's life at some point during the night. The news of Chemirmir's death has stirred up mixed emotions among the families of his victims. Dan Probst, the nephew of one of the elderly women who fell victim to Chemirmir's heinous crimes, expressed his conflicted feelings, stating, "This was a big surprise to all of us. I don't know if I'm happy or sad."

Shannon Dion, the daughter of another victim, echoed this sentiment, saying, "I'm still processing. It's shocking, but there is a relief that this part of my nightmare, our nightmare, is over." The discovery of these murders took years due to the victims' age, which initially made their deaths appear non-suspicious.

This tragic incident adds to the rising number of homicides within Texas state prisons. Already this year, seventeen homicides have been reported, more than double the number from last year. In response, a recent lockdown and search operation uncovered a staggering 274 weapons.

Jesus Monge, a former inmate who spent nine years in the Texas prison system for aggravated assault before turning his life around and becoming a business owner, sheds light on the potential motives behind such violent acts within prisons. Monge explains that conflicts often arise between cellmates due to the close quarters and the necessity of cohabitation. He believes that the presence of two individuals with aggravated cases and lengthy sentences, like Chemirmir and Busby, creates an environment where "bad things can happen."

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has yet to release specific details regarding Chemirmir's death, leaving many questions unanswered. As the investigation continues, it is crucial to remember the lives lost and the impact these crimes have had on the victims' families.

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