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American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 2 Spoilers - Rockabye

Prepare for an intense and twisted episode of American Horror Story: Delicate as Emma Roberts' character faces dark twists in show business.

Prepare yourself for an even more intense experience as you gear up for the second episode of American Horror Story: Delicate on FX next week. In tonight's premiere, we delve into a captivating narrative centered around Emma Roberts' character, Emma. Emma is faced with the challenge of starting a family while simultaneously participating in an Oscar campaign for her latest film. While Halley Feiffer has written every episode of this season, executive producer Ryan Murphy's unmistakable touch is evident in the exploration of the glamorous yet sinister world of Hollywood. This season takes show business to a whole new level with its dark twists.

As we enter awards season, Anna emerges as a prominent contender. However, a terrifying encounter leaves her questioning the trustworthiness of those around her. This episode, written by Halley Feiffer and directed by Jennifer Lynch, could mark the beginning of Anna's unraveling. The notion that someone is trying to prevent her from starting a family and becoming pregnant becomes a central theme, and the consequences of this realization are pivotal to the storyline. FX has kept a tight lid on spoilers, making it all the more intriguing to see where the narrative will take us.

What were your thoughts on the premiere? We'd love to hear your opinions in the comments section! After sharing your thoughts, be sure to check back for more updates.

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