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Chicago Bears facing early season chaos as Justin Fields criticizes coaches over struggles

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields criticizes coaches after 0-2 start, says he needs to simplify his game and play more instinctively.

The Chicago Bears have had a rough start to the season, and it seems to be getting worse. Quarterback Justin Fields made some surprising comments about his own coaches during a press conference. After their 0-2 start, Fields reflected on his performance in their loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 2. He admitted that he felt like he wasn't playing his game and was being too robotic. His goal for the upcoming week is to let go of overthinking and play with instinct.

Fields wants to get back to enjoying the game, as he believes that's when he performs at his best. He mentioned that coaching could be a factor in his overthinking, but he also acknowledged that they are doing their job by providing him with information. However, he emphasized the importance of simplifying things in his mind and playing the game the way he knows how.

When asked if there were too many coaching voices affecting his ability to process information, Fields didn't think that was the issue. Instead, he explained that when he's fed a lot of information and tries to think about it during the game, it hinders his ability to play freely. He believes that if he simplifies things and plays like his old self, they would have more positive plays and conversions on third down.

Fields later clarified his comments about the coaches, stating that he's not blaming them or his teammates for anything. He takes full responsibility for whatever happens in a game and is willing to accept the blame. He also mentioned that he doesn't care if it's a dropped pass or any other mistake – he will put it on himself.

In addition to Fields' comments, there was more drama for the Bears as defensive coordinator Alan Williams resigned. In his statement, he cited the need to take care of his health and family. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with the Bears and mentioned his intention to return to coaching after addressing his health.

This resignation came on the same day that a report claimed Williams' home and the Bears' headquarters, Halas Hall, had been raided in connection with an undisclosed incident. However, a team spokesperson denied this, stating that Halas Hall had not been raided.

Overall, the Bears are facing challenges both on and off the field. Fields' comments about his coaches and Williams' resignation add to the turmoil surrounding the team. It remains to be seen how they will navigate these issues and improve their performance in the coming weeks.

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