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Geothermal: Redefining Energy - Earth, Wind and Fire Podcast

Geothermal energy, previously limited to specific regions, is on the verge of exponential growth with new drilling techniques. Startups like Fervo Energy are leading the way.

Geothermal energy has been a part of the Energy Transition for many years, but its development has been limited to specific regions such as the US West Coast, Iceland, Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. These regions, known as the Ring of Fire, have utilized hydrothermal techniques, which have proven to be niche and have represented only a small portion of the global energy capacity, accounting for less than 0.32%.

However, we believe that the geothermal sector is on the verge of experiencing exponential growth due to the emergence of new drilling techniques. Advanced geothermal, inspired by the expertise in fracking and horizontal drilling from the Oil & Gas industry, has the potential to be implemented in various locations. The goal is to provide clean electricity and heat on a 24/7 basis, with competitive costs and a small environmental footprint. One notable success story in this field is the startup Fervo Energy, which has garnered significant attention.

Furthermore, there are futuristic technologies like plasma and loop that hold immense potential for the geothermal sector. The possibilities are vast and exciting.

Our guest, Cindy Taff, is an experienced geothermal developer and the leader of Sage Geosystems, a Houston-based technology company specializing in energy storage and geothermal solutions for a sustainable energy future. Sage's long-duration energy storage solutions are ready to be scaled up, surpassing the capabilities of pumped hydropower storage and lithium-ion batteries in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Prior to her work at Sage, Cindy had a successful 35-year career in the Oil & Gas industry, serving as the VP of Shell's global Unconventional Wells operations. In this role, she led a team of over 350 Shell employees and 1,200 contractors across five countries.

Geothermal energy, along with wind and solar power, completes the trifecta of renewable energy sources needed to create a sustainable future. The combination of Earth, Wind, and Fire is now within reach, and the geothermal sector is poised to play a crucial role in this transformation.

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