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Video resurfaces: Dana White slams Matt Riddle

Dana White ridicules Matt Riddle after his release from WWE, calling him 'weak minded' for his past drug test failures.

A recently resurfaced video has caught the attention of fans and critics alike, as it shows Dana White, the president of UFC, ridiculing former WWE star Matt Riddle for being "weak minded." Riddle had recently announced his departure from WWE, expressing gratitude to his supporters for their years of support. This news comes as Riddle's release from WWE bears resemblance to his controversial exit from UFC in 2013, when he failed multiple drug tests for marijuana.

In the video, White does not hold back his criticism of Riddle, stating that he was unable to pass a drug test because he was "so weak minded and so addicted to marijuana." White even references an interview in which Riddle claimed that he used marijuana to prevent himself from being violent towards his family.

Since the merger of UFC and WWE under Endeavor earlier this year, some have speculated that Riddle's time in the company was limited. He recently faced backlash after alleging that he was sexually assaulted by an officer at JFK airport, although he later deleted the Instagram post containing these accusations.

Following the investigation into the incident, Riddle was removed from Monday Night Raw and several upcoming live events, despite his involvement in an ongoing storyline. Throughout his time in WWE, Riddle achieved significant success, capturing the US title and holding the NXT Tag Team Champion and Raw Tag Team Champion titles.

Riddle had been engaged in a tag-team storyline with his new partner Drew McIntyre, who faced off against Xavier Woods of The New Day in Riddle's absence from Monday Night Raw. The absence of Riddle likely disrupted plans for the ongoing feud between The New Day, The Viking Raiders, and Riddle and McIntyre.

Overall, the resurfaced video of Dana White's criticism and Riddle's departure from WWE have sparked discussions and speculation among fans and critics. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Riddle and how his departure will impact ongoing storylines in WWE.

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