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QB Joe Burrow's status unclear as Rams and Bengals meet for first time since Super Bowl 56

Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals are set to face off against Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams for the first time since Super Bowl 56. Burrow's calf injury leaves his status uncertain. The Bengals are focused on getting their first win of the season.

In a thrilling rematch between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams, the memory of Super Bowl 56 looms large. It was in that game that Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald showcased his dominance by effortlessly bringing down Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. The image of Burrow being flung to the ground on fourth-and-1 remains etched in the minds of fans.

Now, 19 months later, the Bengals and Rams meet again in a regular-season game. However, there is uncertainty surrounding Burrow's participation due to a lingering calf injury. The team has listed him as questionable for the game, leaving fans wondering if he will be able to play and how his mobility will be affected if he does take the field.

Despite the potential revenge narrative, Burrow remains focused on the present. He believes that the Super Bowl loss is in the past and that both teams have undergone significant changes since then. His sole focus is on helping the Bengals secure their first win of the season and avoid falling into a deeper hole.

Whether it's Burrow or backup Jake Browning leading the Bengals' offense, one thing is certain: Aaron Donald will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. Burrow himself acknowledges Donald's explosive abilities, describing him as one of the best defensive players in the league. Donald's impact on the game cannot be understated, as he consistently disrupts opposing offenses.

As for Donald, he remains tight-lipped about his memories of the Super Bowl, simply stating, "We won." The Rams' victory in that game is what stands out to him the most.

Interestingly, the Bengals and Rams have a more recent history than just the Super Bowl. In 2022, the Rams traveled to Cincinnati for a preseason game that was marred by a major brawl, in which Donald swung a helmet at Bengals players. The incident led to the practice being cut short, but the subsequent exhibition game proceeded without any further issues.

Both teams acknowledge that there is some familiarity due to continuity in coaching staff, but they also recognize that a lot has changed since the Super Bowl. Rams coach Sean McVay emphasizes the evolution of both teams and the different personnel on the field.

From the Bengals' perspective, offensive coordinator Brian Callahan acknowledges the changes in the Rams' defense but still sees them as a formidable unit. He has been impressed by their performances in the first two games of the season and believes they present a challenge for the Bengals' offense.

On the defensive side, the Bengals will once again face the task of neutralizing Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, who had a strong showing in the Super Bowl. Stafford passed for 283 yards and three touchdowns, but also threw two interceptions. The Bengals' defense, largely unchanged from two seasons ago, will need to find a way to contain Stafford and disrupt the Rams' offensive rhythm.

As the rematch approaches, both teams have undoubtedly reviewed the Super Bowl game extensively. While it may be painful for the Bengals to relive that loss, they understand the importance of learning from past experiences and finding ways to improve.

In the end, the Bengals and Rams will step onto the field with a shared history and a desire to come out on top. The outcome of this rematch will not only determine the winner of the game but also serve as a testament to the growth and resilience of both teams.

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