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Ahsoka Episode 7 Recap: Botching a C-3PO Cameo

Hayden Christensen returns as Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka, but is upstaged by C-3PO and a hologram of himself.

Hayden Christensen reprises his role as Anakin Skywalker in the latest episode of Ahsoka, but he is overshadowed by a surprise appearance from a "mere droid" named C-3PO. The evil senators try to condemn General Hera Syndulla, but C-3PO reveals that Senator Leia Organa approved her mission. Although Leia did not initially approve the mission, her eventual approval clears Hera's name.

After the brief appearance of C-3PO, Anakin returns in the form of an old hologram. Ahsoka has been saving these videos, in which Anakin hypes her up for battle. Huyang, who walks in on Ahsoka's session, gains newfound respect for Anakin.

Moving on from the throwbacks, Ahsoka and Huyang are awaiting the arrival of Ezra and Sabine in a new galaxy. They worry about the mission's success, but their fears are proven wrong when Grand Admiral Thrawn's army begins bombing the purrgils. Ahsoka realizes that if the enemy is present, Ezra and Sabine should be too.

Thrawn, aware that Anakin was once Ahsoka's master, wants to control her every move. He employs the Nightsisters of Dathomir to find her. However, Thrawn's plan is flawed. Ahsoka could find Sabine, and they could be stranded on Peridea forever. Their only hope of getting home is Thrawn's space shuttle.

Later, it is revealed that Thrawn's true plan is to keep Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine occupied while he loads up the space station with an army to attack the New Republic. As the trio battles troopers on the planet, Thrawn is ready to reclaim the Empire. The only way to stop him is to prevent his transfer from succeeding.

Baylan and Shin, master and apprentice, challenge Ahsoka and Sabine to a fight. However, Ezra takes charge in the battle against Shin. He protects the pacifist Noti creatures and Sabine from Shin's menacing attacks.

Ahsoka descends to Peridea and engages in a lightsaber duel with Baylan. She wins and uses the Force to find Sabine. Just in time, Ahsoka arrives to save Sabine and the Noti from Shin and her troopers. With Ezra's help, the battle is quickly won. Ahsoka offers to help Shin, but she escapes.

The reunion is bittersweet as Ezra expresses his eagerness to go home. Sabine updates him on the New Republic, but their celebration is cut short. Thrawn is about to return, and they have only minutes to stop him. It's time to put away the sabers and take action.

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