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Netizens troll Vivek Ramaswamy over his bouffant hair during GOP debate

Vivek Ramaswamy's remarks on the real divide in America during a debate have gone viral, but netizens are more focused on trolling his hairstyle.

Vivek and Tim have emerged as the prominent figures in the group's speaking time during the debates, with Chris following closely behind. However, it was not just Vivek's remarks that caught people's attention. Netizens were quick to notice and mock his hairstyle, which became a trending topic on X. One user even suggested implementing a rule to limit the height of hair during debates, comparing it to the Senate Dress code. Others jokingly speculated whether Vivek's hair would continue to grow taller with each debate. Some users questioned the styling choices, wondering if they were intentionally messing with him like Desantis' people allegedly do.

Amidst the hair-related discussions, it is worth noting that Vivek has also expressed his opinion on various political issues. He has called for an end to birthright citizenship for children born in the US to parents who entered the country illegally. Vivek argues that he has read and understood the 14th Amendment, which grants citizenship to individuals born or naturalized in the United States and subject to its laws and jurisdiction. He believes that this does not apply to the children of Mexican diplomats, for example.

Additionally, Vivek has voiced his stance on gender dysphoria, suggesting that it should be treated as a mental health disorder. He highlights the alarming statistic that over 50% of children with gender dysphoria have considered suicide. Vivek advocates for a law that would require schools to inform parents if their children change their gender identity at school. He believes that parents have a right to be informed about their kids and proposes banning genital mutilation and puberty blockers for individuals under the age of 18. Vivek emphasizes the need to empower parents in these matters.

In summary, Vivek has garnered attention not only for his speaking time during the debates but also for his distinctive hairstyle. However, beyond his appearance, he has expressed strong opinions on topics such as birthright citizenship and gender dysphoria. Whether one agrees or disagrees with his views, Vivek's statements have sparked discussions and debates among netizens.

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