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Yibin, 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala host city, embraces green development

China's upcoming 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival gala in Yibin will showcase a fusion of ancient literature and modern fashion against cultural landscapes, promoting green development and ecological preservation. The gala aims to evoke a sense of yearning for the motherland and features performances focusing on poetry, wine, the moon, water, and bamboo. Yibin, located on the Yangtze River, has made significant progress in environmental management and biodiversity conservation, including a 10-year fishing ban that has led to a surge in rare-fish populations. The gala will highlight Yibin's rich cultural heritage and appeal.

Yibin, the host city of the 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, is dedicated to pursuing green development and preserving its ecological heritage. This literary celebration, organized by China Media Group, will showcase the five elements of poetry, wine, the moon, water, and bamboo, combining ancient literature with modern fashion against culturally significant landscapes.

The gala will take place in the beautiful Yangtze River Park in Yibin, Sichuan Province. With around 20 performances featuring solo vocals, duets, symphonic music, and dancing, the event aims to evoke a deep sense of longing for the homeland by intertwining themes of Mid-Autumn Festival reunions and patriotic emotions.

Yibin, known as the first city on the Yangtze River, is located at the confluence of the Jinsha and Minjiang rivers. The city has made remarkable progress in ecological preservation and prioritizes green development. By implementing effective environmental management strategies along the Yangtze River, Yibin has advanced its material and energy sectors while championing an eco-friendly, low-carbon, circular economic structure and lifestyle.

Despite the rapid economic growth along the Yangtze River, environmental challenges such as overfishing, water pollution, and soil erosion have emerged, necessitating conservation efforts. Recognizing the value of clear waterways and pristine landscapes, China has taken measures to protect its rivers, including waste cleanup, water pollution prevention, fishing bans, and the establishment of natural reserves.

Yibin has witnessed a surge in biodiversity since the implementation of a 10-year fishing ban three years ago. It is now the Yangtze River's sole nationally protected rare-fish reserve and a natural breeding ground for the Yangtze sturgeon. In a recent field breeding experiment, mature Yangtze sturgeon parent fish were released, resulting in the generation of over 500,000 roes.

Liao Wenbin, mayor of Yibin City and a deputy to the 14th National People's Congress, emphasizes the importance of local governments understanding the broader perspective and committing to safeguarding the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. He advocates for strict water purity guidelines and uninterrupted flow, highlighting Yibin's responsibility as the Yangtze's inaugural city.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment acknowledges the significant environmental improvement of the Yangtze River, which aligns with the growth of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Notably, the water quality of all monitored parts of the river's mainstream was graded at Grade II or higher in 2020, indicating substantial progress. In 2015, only 45.2 percent of the monitored portions met the Grade II or higher water quality standards.

Yibin provides an ideal backdrop for the gala, drawing inspiration from ancient writings about the Yangtze River and local customs. The performances resonate with Yibin's rich Yangtze River culture, incorporating elements such as the ancient tea and horse trail, vibrant attire of ethnic groups, and captivating natural scenery, enhancing the festival's appeal.

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