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"Sphere in Las Vegas Opens for First Time: Exclusive Photos"

Celebrities and fans gathered in Las Vegas for the opening of the Sphere, the largest spherical structure in the world. Irish rock band U2 performed the first show of their residency at the venue, which boasts impressive visuals and a wraparound LED display. The Sphere can seat up to 20,000 people and features a humanoid robot to greet attendees.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- It was a night to remember as celebrities, Las Vegas City officials, and fans gathered together to witness the grand opening of Sphere, the newest addition to the Las Vegas skyline.

The excitement was palpable as Irish rock band U2 took the stage for a sold-out concert, marking the first show of their UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere residency. With over two dozen performances scheduled until December 16th, fans eagerly purchased tickets ranging from $400 to $1,450.

The event drew a star-studded crowd, with actors Aaron Paul, Adam Scott, Bryan Cranston, Dakota Fanning, musician Diplo, and boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya among the many celebrities in attendance.

The Sphere's red carpet was graced by notable figures such as Madison Square Garden CEO James Dolan, Saturday Night Live alumni Chris Kattan, actress Jane Seymour, actor Jon Hamm, and actor Luke Wilson. The anticipation was building as everyone prepared for the inaugural performance.

Standing at an impressive 336 feet tall and 516 feet wide, the Sphere is the largest spherical structure in the world. This groundbreaking project, which cost over $2 billion, is set to host a variety of concerts and shows. Its state-of-the-art features include a 160,000 wraparound LED display, 164,000 speakers, and 4D capabilities that will immerse the audience in a truly unforgettable experience.

During U2's performance, the Sphere showcased its capabilities. As two helicopters soared through the starlit sky, spotlights illuminated the Las Vegas desert, creating a breathtaking spectacle. Frontman Bono captivated the crowd as he kneeled to the ground while singing the band's iconic 2004 hit, "Vertigo."

What appeared to be a typical outdoor concert was transformed into a mesmerizing visual feast through the Sphere's floor-to-ceiling graphics. Throughout the night, attendees were treated to a myriad of stunning visuals, including kaleidoscope images, a burning flag, and the iconic Las Vegas skyline. The immersive experience took the more than 18,000 fans on an epic musical journey with U2.

The Sphere's exterior, known as the Exosphere, boasts the largest LED screen on Earth. Comprised of approximately 1.2 million LED pucks spaced eight inches apart, this remarkable display is a sight to behold.

With a seating capacity of up to 20,000 people, the Sphere promises to provide an unforgettable experience from the moment attendees enter. To enhance the futuristic ambiance, a humanoid robot greets guests as they embark on this extraordinary journey.

The opening of Sphere marks a new era for Las Vegas entertainment. With its cutting-edge technology and awe-inspiring visuals, this iconic venue is set to redefine the concert experience. Whether you're a fan of U2 or simply seeking an unforgettable night out, the Sphere is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who enter its doors.

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