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Drew Lock Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Seahawks QB Worth?

Drew Lock's net worth is $7 million in 2023, primarily from his football career and endorsement deals. He is currently a backup for the Seattle Seahawks.

The Denver Broncos made a strategic move in the 2019 NFL draft by selecting Missouri quarterback Drew Lock in the second round. However, in 2022, Lock was traded to the Seattle Seahawks, where he currently serves as the backup to starting quarterback Geno Smith.

When it comes to his net worth, Drew Lock is no stranger to success. As of 2023, Popular Net Worth estimates his net worth to be around $7 million. While his football career plays a significant role in his wealth, Lock has also earned a substantial amount through endorsement and sponsorship deals.

To kickstart his NFL journey, Drew Lock signed a four-year contract worth $7 million with the Denver Broncos. This deal included an average yearly salary of $1.7 million, a signing bonus of $3.1 million, and a guarantee of $3.9 million. Over the course of three seasons, Lock started 21 games for the Broncos.

According to Spotrac, Lock has earned a total of $11.2 million during his five years in the NFL. This showcases his financial success and the value he brings to the teams he plays for.

In August, during a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks had the opportunity to evaluate their backup options, including Drew Lock. Although the Seahawks lost the game 19-15, Lock impressed with his skills and showed potential as a strong backup for Geno Smith.

Lock's chance to shine came in the Seahawks' Week 4 Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants. Smith suffered an injury scare towards the end of the second quarter, forcing him to leave the field in pain. Lock stepped in and completed two out of five passes for a total of 63 yards, leading a scoring drive. Smith eventually returned in the third quarter, but Lock's performance demonstrated his capabilities as a reliable backup.

Before his NFL career, Drew Lock made a name for himself as a collegiate player for the Missouri Tigers. Known for his powerful arm, Lock stood out as one of the top quarterbacks in his class. In 2017, he led the country in touchdown passes, solidifying his reputation. However, he is still working towards fully showcasing his skills at the professional level.

Overall, Drew Lock's journey in the NFL has been filled with ups and downs. From being drafted by the Broncos to being traded to the Seahawks, he has faced challenges and opportunities along the way. With his net worth steadily growing and his potential as a backup quarterback, Lock continues to make his mark in the football world.

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