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NFL Overwhelmed Overdoing It Travis Kelce Taylor Swift Focus

Travis Kelce discusses the NFL's use of him and Taylor Swift to promote the season, and his mom's excitement about the attention.

The Kansas City Chiefs and tight end Travis Kelce have been enjoying a successful couple of weeks, thanks in part to singer Taylor Swift and her dedicated fanbase, known as the "Swifties." Rumors of a romantic relationship between Kelce and Swift have generated increased interest in the NFL, leading to higher ratings for games attended by the pop star. The recent game against the New York Jets, for example, drew an average of 27 million viewers, peaking at around 29 million during the second quarter. Additionally, sales of Kelce's jersey have skyrocketed. The NFL has even incorporated Swift's image into its main profile header on Twitter. However, some are questioning whether the league is relying too heavily on Kelce and Swift for promotion.

During an interview on his brother Jason's podcast, New Heights, Kelce addressed the issue of the NFL using his personal life and famous acquaintances for promotion. He admitted that the constant attention can be overwhelming, but also acknowledged that seeing celebrities at games adds to the atmosphere and enhances the viewing experience. Jason argued that the NFL may be going overboard with its focus on famous faces, and Travis reluctantly agreed, stating that they are "overdoing it a little bit," particularly in his case. Nevertheless, he believes that the league is simply trying to have fun with it.

Kelce also discussed the impact of this newfound attention on his mother, Donna Kelce. According to Travis, she has been ecstatic about the recent events. He reached out to her after a game to apologize for not being able to see her in person, but expressed his hope that she enjoyed the game. Donna confirmed that she had a great time and even joked that she felt like she was in an alternate universe, sitting with Deadpool and Wolverine. Travis described the atmosphere in the suite as lively and enjoyable, with everyone having a fantastic time.

Overall, the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, and the NFL have benefited from the association with Taylor Swift and her dedicated fanbase. While there may be some concerns about the league relying too heavily on celebrity promotion, Kelce believes that it adds to the excitement and enjoyment of the games. As for his mother, she has been thrilled with the recent events and has had a memorable experience, rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities.

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