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Pamela Anderson, 56, reveals reason for stopping makeup wear

Pamela Anderson receives praise for her decision to go makeup-free, inspired by the death of her makeup artist.

Pamela Anderson has recently received praise for her decision to go makeup-free, and she has now revealed the inspiration behind this change. In an interview with ELLE, she explained that her perspective on beauty shifted after the death of her makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, who passed away from breast cancer in 2019. Pamela expressed that without Alexis, she feels it is better for her not to wear makeup. Going without makeup has been a freeing and fun experience for her, and she also sees it as a rebellious choice, going against the trend of big makeup looks.

Pamela also reflected on aging and how it has been a journey for her. She acknowledges that as we get older, we may start to look a little different, and she finds herself laughing at her reflection, wondering what is happening to her. However, she feels rooted and good in her current place in life. Her decision to embrace her natural beauty also stems from a desire to break free from the influence of others. In the early days of her career, she often went along with what people told her to do, but now she is making choices for herself.

In a more recent interview with ET, Pamela shared that when she does wear makeup, she prefers a more muted look. She recognizes that times have changed since the 90s, and she likes to do things that are different. She sees this new chapter of her life as an opportunity to embrace her natural beauty. Despite going makeup-free, she still finds joy in glamming up with diamonds, especially since she spends a lot of time in the garden, getting dirt under her nails.

This week, Jamie Lee Curtis, an Academy Award-winner, commended Pamela for her decision to go barefaced, calling it an act of courage and rebellion. She declared that the natural beauty revolution has officially begun. Pamela attended various fashion events during fashion week in Paris, showcasing her makeup-free look. She looked chic in a figure-hugging lime dress, paired with beige wrap heels and a studded purse. She sat front row at the Victoria Beckham Paris Fashion Week show, alongside other A-list celebrities. Pamela's choice to embrace her natural beauty has garnered attention and admiration from many.

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