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"Loving Him Was Red": Students Discuss Buzz Around Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dating rumors have sparked conversations, social media buzz, and increased Chiefs ticket and jersey sales. Some students question if the media hype has gone too far.

The dating rumors and public appearances of Taylor Swift, the renowned American pop star, and Travis Kelce, the talented tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, have sent shockwaves through the NFL community and Swifties across the nation. The buzz surrounding this unexpected pairing has reached a fever pitch on social media and college campuses, with Kansas State students expressing their strong opinions on the matter. As a result, Chiefs tickets and jersey sales have experienced a significant surge.

However, amidst all the excitement, one question lingers: has the media taken this too far? Some individuals, like Noah Bartel, a junior studying construction science and management, are not particularly thrilled about the alleged relationship. Bartel believes that when a football player scores a touchdown, the focus should be on the team's victory rather than a pop star celebrating in the press box.

The NFL itself has enthusiastically embraced this relationship, capitalizing on the media frenzy. The league has even altered its social media bio and crafted captions that reference Swift's presence at recent games. Broadcasts during games frequently pan the camera to Swift during breaks in play. Travis Kelce himself has acknowledged the excessive media attention their relationship has garnered, expressing his discomfort during a podcast appearance.

Megan Kaldahl, a freshman studying accounting, appreciates the relationship but feels that it may be overwhelming at times. Kaldahl believes that while football players and pop stars may mingle, when the games are on, the focus should be on the players and their celebrations, not on Taylor Swift.

Swifties, however, are captivated by this star-crossed romance, particularly following Swift's recent breakup with Joe Alwyn. Fans of the pop star are clamoring for Chiefs tickets, hoping for a chance to catch a glimpse of their beloved musician.

For Brylee Kessler, a sophomore studying public relations and advertising, the alleged relationship has only intensified her admiration for Taylor Swift. Kessler mentions that Swift has made multiple visits to Kansas City in the past, but seeing her donning the iconic Chiefs red lip has further endeared her to Kessler.

Amidst the media speculation surrounding this relationship, some students are skeptical about its authenticity. Lauryn Betts, a sophomore studying news and sports media, admits to being unsure. While not a devoted fan of either Taylor Swift or the Chiefs, Betts is open to the possibility of the relationship being genuine, despite rumors suggesting it might all be a publicity stunt.

As for the future, it remains uncertain whether we will continue to see Taylor Swift at Chiefs games. Noah Bartel, for one, respects Swift but firmly believes that she does not belong in the NFL.

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