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Lupin: Bruno and Keller - Key Characters from Assane Diop's Shady Past

"Lupin season 3 introduces key characters from Assane Diop's past, including Bruno and Jean-Luc Keller, leading to a thrilling revenge plot."

Season 3 of the hit series Lupin has arrived on Netflix, and with it comes the introduction of two important characters from Assane Diop's past: Bruno and Jean-Luc Keller. But who are they exactly?

In the opening episode of Lupin season 3, we are introduced to Bruno, played by Pierre Lottin. At first glance, he appears to be an officer in Paris's BRI police unit, but there is more to him than meets the eye. It is later revealed that Bruno has been working with Assane to plan and execute the heist to steal the priceless Black Pearl.

As the season progresses, we learn that Assane and Bruno have a long history together. They were childhood neighbors and friends, with young Bruno portrayed by Noé Wodecki. In their youth, Bruno introduced Assane to a boxing gym run by a coach named Keller. Little did they know, this gym was a front for Keller's criminal organization.

Jean-Luc Keller, played by Salif Cissé in flashbacks and Steve Tientcheu in the present day, initially appears to be a passionate boxing coach. However, as Assane and Bruno spend more time at the gym, Keller's true nature is revealed. He manipulates and recruits children into becoming thieves for his criminal enterprise.

Assane and Bruno become victims of Keller's schemes and are reluctantly forced to carry out a heist during the distraction of the 1998 football World Cup finals in France. The heist leads to a car chase that changes the course of their lives. Keller orders Bruno to shoot and kill a pursuing police officer, but a distracted Keller crashes the car. Assane and Bruno manage to escape while Assane frames Keller for the crime, resulting in his imprisonment for 25 years.

After successfully pulling off the opening heist of season 3, Assane's world takes a dark turn when he receives news that his estranged mother, Mariama, has been kidnapped by a criminal organization. This group blackmails Assane into working for them, threatening to kill his mother if he doesn't comply. They also demand the Black Pearl as part of their scheme.

Despite the dire circumstances, Assane remains calm and devises a plan to uncover the identity of those behind the blackmail, rescue his mother, and retrieve the Black Pearl. It is eventually revealed that the mastermind behind the criminal organization is none other than Jean-Luc Keller, who has spent the past 25 years plotting his revenge against Assane.

Season 3 of Lupin is filled with twists, turns, and complex relationships. Assane must navigate a dangerous web of deceit and manipulation to protect his loved ones and outsmart his enemies. The stakes are higher than ever as Assane faces off against his past and fights for justice.

So, buckle up and prepare for an exhilarating ride as Lupin season 3 takes you on a thrilling journey through the intricate world of Assane Diop and his quest for redemption.

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