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AC Milan to sell Olivier Giroud goalkeeper jersey after striker's heroics against Genoa

AC Milan adds Olivier Giroud to their goalkeeper list after his heroic save, and sells custom jerseys to honor him.

AC Milan has made an interesting addition to their official squad list by including Olivier Giroud as a goalkeeper. This decision comes after the striker's remarkable save during their match against Genoa on Saturday. Giroud stepped up to the task after goalkeeper Mike Maignan received a red card in the 97th minute. In a heroic moment, the French forward made a brave stop to deny George Puscas, securing a 1-0 win for AC Milan.

The match against Genoa witnessed a frantic finale, with both teams experiencing goalkeeper red cards. Genoa's Josep Martinez was also sent off, adding to the intensity of the game. AC Milan's victory propelled them to the top of the Serie A table, surpassing their city rivals Inter.

The club was filled with jubilation after the final whistle, and as a tribute to Giroud's heroics, AC Milan has decided to include him in their squad list as a goalkeeper. Furthermore, they have introduced customised jerseys with Giroud's name on the back, allowing fans to celebrate his memorable performance.

In a press release, AC Milan expressed their admiration for Giroud's courageous display, stating, "Last night Olivier Giroud became part of Milan history by courageously defending the AC Milan goal in the final minutes of the Rossoneri's match against Genoa." This acknowledgment highlights the significance of Giroud's contribution to the team's defensive line.

The club's decision to add Giroud to the list of goalkeepers showcases their appreciation for his exceptional performance. Fans can now purchase the goalkeeper jersey and personalize it with the number '9' and Giroud's name at AC Milan retail outlets and on the official website. This gesture allows supporters to commemorate Giroud's remarkable moment and show their admiration for his skills as a goalkeeper.

AC Milan's victory against Genoa was sealed by Christian Pulisic, a former Chelsea attacker, who scored the game's only goal in the 87th minute. This late goal secured AC Milan's position at the top of the Serie A table with 21 points. They have won seven out of their eight matches in the competition this season, displaying their dominance in Italian football.

Their city rivals, Inter, are closely trailing behind in second place, just two points behind AC Milan. Juventus currently holds the third position, four points adrift, as the teams head into the international break. The competition in Serie A is fierce, with top teams battling for supremacy.

In other news, Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has faced criticism from his own club after being mocked in an online video. This incident has raised speculation about a potential exit for Osimhen during the January transfer window.

AC Milan has also made headlines with their plans to move away from their iconic San Siro home. The club intends to construct a new stadium in the southern part of the city, marking a significant change for AC Milan and their fans.

Lastly, fans of Inter, Roma's former club, are planning a unique protest against Romelu Lukaku. They aim to distribute 50,000 whistles to express their "disgust" when Lukaku returns to the San Siro with his current club at the end of the month. This demonstration highlights the passionate nature of football fans and their unwavering loyalty to their clubs.

Overall, AC Milan's decision to include Olivier Giroud as a goalkeeper showcases their recognition of his outstanding save against Genoa. The club's tribute to Giroud through customized jerseys allows fans to celebrate his contribution. AC Milan's position at the top of the Serie A table reflects their strong performance this season, while other clubs face their own challenges and developments. Football continues to captivate fans with its thrilling moments and passionate supporters.

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