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Adele builds new room for tour treasures

Adele is building a room in her house to display dolls given by fans, including custom-built cabinets for Lele dolls.

Adele, the talented singer behind the hit song "Easy On Me," is in the process of adding a new room to her house. This room will serve as a showcase for the dolls that she has received from her fans. Over the years, Adele has accumulated various awards and mementoes, and she wants to display them alongside these special dolls. In fact, she is having a custom-built cabinet made specifically to house the Lele dolls that have been created to resemble her and gifted to her by Mexican fans during her Las Vegas residency.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Adele shared her excitement about the new room. She mentioned, "I'm building a room at my house and, don't laugh, not specifically for these dolls. I wouldn't put that past me though. I'm a bit of a hoarder." She clarified that the room is not meant to be a museum, as that would be considered vain. Instead, it will be a space filled with her cherished possessions from the past 15 years, including awards, silly dolls, letters, and other sentimental items. The cabinet she is having made will be dedicated to the gifts she has received during her shows.

Adele expressed her admiration for the traditional Mexican dolls, considering them "the nicest thing." She particularly appreciates when the dolls are dressed in replicas of her own stage costumes. The singer has received numerous dolls from her Mexican fans, and she finds them to be affectionate tokens of love. She recalled how she first became aware of these dolls during her residency and how fans started giving them to her. Now, she has around 30 of them, displayed in her dressing room and on top of her mirror. The fact that many of these dolls are based on her dresses adds to their sentimental value.

In addition to discussing the dolls, Adele also opened up about her Las Vegas residency, titled "Weekends With Adele." Despite initial apprehension, the experience has had a profound impact on her. She confessed, "When I came up with the idea to maybe do it here, I was just in absolute f-----g turmoil and I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I remember when I first came to see the Colosseum. And I got so overwhelmed I burst into tears." However, she found solace in the venue and felt that it was the right place for her at this stage in her life. The residency has brought her immense joy and has revitalized her spirit.

In conclusion, Adele's new room in her Beverly Hills home will serve as a display for the dolls and other sentimental items she has received from her fans. The singer's appreciation for the traditional Mexican dolls is evident, and she finds them to be a beautiful expression of love. Additionally, her Las Vegas residency has been a transformative experience, bringing her back to life and reminding her of the positive impact she has on her audience. Adele's journey of building this room and continuing her residency showcases her genuine connection with her fans and her commitment to preserving meaningful memories.

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